International Viewpoints

International Viewpoints!"The Magazine's aim: In 1934 the book Scientologie by A. Nordenholz was published. In the middle of the twentieth century the subject of Scientology was greatly expanded as a philosophy and technology by L. Ron Hubbard and a big band of helpers...
It is this large subject that International Viewpoints deals with, and it is our aim to promote communication within this field..."

Issue 3 - Nov 1991

Message from exSCNist turned into Bodhi
By Todde Salén. Sweden
Clear Again
By Robert Ducharme, USA
Nostradamus Prophecies and the "Second Empire"
By Todde Salén, Sweden

The Duality of the Brain Functioning: The Two hemispheres
By Gregory Mitchell, England

Ron's Org Tech
by Lawrence West, Class VIII, USA
The Missing Biography
by Frank Gordon, USA
Classic Comment
By Terry E. Scott, England
It's not the same!
Two European Conferences
By Antony A Phillips, Denmark
The Nature of Truth
By Eric Townsend, England
On Clear Thinking
By Robert Ross, USA
New Realities
By Mark Jones, USA
Book News
Anima Publishing
Captain Bill Robertson
By Flemming Funch, USA