From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 3 - November 1991

The Missing Biography
by Frank Gordon, USA

What we Have

There are currently three major biographies of the life of L. Ron
Hubbard. "Barefaced Messiah" by Russell Miller, "Madman or Messiah" by
Bent Corydon and "A Piece of Blue Sky" by Jon Atack. As excellent as
these are from the standpoint of personal quirks (incidentally, an
astrologer could have a field day with his Neptune, Venus, Sun
pattern), and organizational and financial manipulations, they miss
something, which to my mind, as a former research biochemist, is of
primary importance.

What is Missing

In Data Series 10: "The Missing Scene," Ron states: "The biggest -
omitted data- would be the whole scene." And "When the -scene- is
missing one has to study what the -scene- is supposed to consist of,
not just more random data about it" The -scene- I'm talking about is:
-How did he do it?- What habits of thought and approach lay in back of
the enormous output of discoveries and techniques? What methods did he
use to plow through a welter of confusions and sort out the

Anyone who has been involved in research into an unknown area, can
appreciate the total fog one faces. There are no texts; just a hope
that one can develop a sensible search pattern with some good
heuristics (rule of thumb, or guides to discovery, in lit. Greek: "a
good nose".)

Here is a background -scene- of great importance, and the possibility
of gaining data about it is rapidly vanishing with the inevitable
demise of those who were participants.

A Personal Experience

At a Congress, doing Tone 40 on an ashtray, I was plowing in. Ron came
up, put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Put the thought in that
ashtray that it wants to be thanked." I put an image of a puppy
wagging his tail and wanting to be thanked in the ashtray and
immediately began to laugh. That was it.

Reviewing this, I noted that his comm was very clear and conceptual
and that what he had asked me to do was to grant beingness to the
other end of the comm line (which I had not been doing). He had
accurately spotted what was missing and directed my attention to it.

The Goal

"Give a man a fish; he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish: he
will eat for a lifetime." Give a man a rote technique, and he can do
one routine thing. Guide that man to the wellspring and source of that
technique, and --? How -did- Ron catch all those big fish?

-That's- "The Missing Biography".