From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 3 - November 1991

Ron's Org Tech
by Lawrence West, Class VIII, USA

In 1986, I first heard of Bill Robertson's advancement of David Mayo's
work in the area of handling entities connected to the body. I asked
my good friend Rowland Barkley, "What is this Ron's Org tech?" His
answer was, "It is called Excalibur and they handle entities that are
organized in Org Boards." I just acknowledged this, but later I
thought to myself, "What incredible balderdash!" "I suppose they have
labor unions, too." "Sounds like some farfetched nonsense that I don't
even have to look into any further." "That sounds so crazy that it
would be a waste of my time for sure."

Around the end of 1989, I ran into some old friends and former clients
who had done Excalibur in Australia. They reported wonderful results
and life-changing gains from doing Excalibur. I thought, "Maybe I'd
better look into this strange-sounding tech; there might be something
there." I was at that time referred to Flemming Funch. I studied the
materials of Excalibur with Flemming for about four days. I was still
skeptical, but tried to keep an open mind about the whole thing. Much
of what was written seemed to be incredible in the fullest sense of
the word. We then did an interview to find out what my attention was
on and what I wanted handled that hadn't been handled. We found my
best reading, highest interest item and proceeded to clear a
hierarchical network or organization of beings connected to it with my
skeptical attitude still in place. I was amazed to find, after several
of these hierarchies had been handled, that my "wants handled" got
handled. It worked! Well, that was enough proof for me. I spent the
next year studying all of the Ron's Org tech and doing all the
Advanced Levels up through Advanced Ability 13. I also studied all the
C/Sing courses and finally went to Europe to study with the man
himself, Captain Bill Robertson. Every step of the way bought more
awareness, more freedom, more sanity and a better understanding of
LRH's tech than I'd ever experienced before. Unfortunately, when I
arrived in Europe to study directly with Bill, he was already quite
ill and unable to work with anyone. Fortunately, he'd just completed a
one-week-long video course. I did this course and returned to the USA.
I have been delivering the Ron's Org tech for the last year or so
along with all the other tech that I have found to be workable. I have
had excellent results with it on the people I have taken up through
the Ron's Org Advanced Levels. I thank Bill for the contribution he
has made to me and all the others who have had the opportunity to
study his excellent tech.

(We asked Lawrence West to send us an objective description of Bill's
tech. Consequently we were a bit surprised when we received the above.
Ah, well, In a game there has to be the possibility of losing, and
this time we really lost. And any way, perhaps it is too close to
Bill's death to be really objective. Hopefully we will get something
in a later issue - its an exciting subject. At the same time we might
take the opportunity of saying a little on editorial policy in that
direction. "International Viewpoints" is produced for the readers, not
for advertisers. Consequently you will not see the sort of Success
story (written after a big win and a large floating needle, and before
facing the grim and cruel outside world): "I achieved total cause over
MEST and Life". (You never read that the writer tripped over the cat
and broke his leg when he got home) We are also not too keen on
boastfull advertisments on this or that technique, in fact we rely on
the readers to pay for the mag, and do not want to be in the hands of
advertisers. What we hope you will find in the magazine are more
objective articles on techniques, intended to help 'ordinary' people
make decisions on what is best for -them-. So we hereby invite that
sort of article. Ed, IVy.)