From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 3 - November 1991

Clear Again
By Robert Ducharme, USA

(Robert Ducharme is cl. IV, AA7+. He got started in Scientology in
Orlando in 1970. Was staff member at the St. Louis Org from '74 to
'77. At present part time (soon to be full time) practitioner of
scientology as well as Idenics. IVys Ed.)

Re the article CLEAR by David Mayo

I've noticed that there seems to be some confusion and disagreement
about what the state of clear consists of.

Let me try my hand at bringing some order to that confusion.


The state of clear is not an at-effect state as David's article seems
to imply. As the definition says, a clear is -able to be at cause-
over mental MEST on the first dynamic. In other words, one is cause
over his own mind. Therefore, "engrams no longer in chronic
restimulation" would be more of a -release- state.

Clear, on the other hand, would be a state where one would at last
assume cause over his reactive mind by assuming responsibility for it.
It's an active state, not a passive one. So here is a finite point at
which we can say that non-clear ends and clear begins -- the point of
assumption of responsibility.

Now a clear may choose not to take responsibility for some of his
bank, but that is a decision based on personal preference. A clear can
be aberrated if he wants to. That does not alter the fact that he
knows the makeup of the bank and can rise above it if he so chooses. A
simple release does not have this capability.

Eidetic recall

A clear may or may not have eidetic recall, but "DMSMH" to my
knowledge never mentioned that word. A clear is above any service fac
he might have which might inhibit his ability to address a past
incident. And so in that sense, a clear's entire past track is
available to him, though it may take a well trained auditor to get him
to run selected parts.

How I achieved clear

In my own case I was for years vacillating back and forth as to
whether I was clear or not. I'd feel good and I'd say I was clear; I'd
feel bad and I'd invalidate it. Then I took the Pro Trs course in
1981. As I was doing the "wall of clay" -- the clay demos for that
course -- it all came clear. I realized that I hadn't been clear after
all, but that I'd now finally made it. I had continuing cognitions for
a month after that, not the least of which was that it was now safe to
have OT abilities. It also finally dawned on me what the PDC lectures
were all about. Whereas before this point I was awed by the
complexities and magical mystique of it all, I now felt a one-ness
with it, as though -this- is what Ron had been talking about all the

To this day I feel that clear is the most importent single step in a
persons life.

Western religions and clear

An amusing sidelight to this is an observation I've made about western
religions. They have a state of "clear-on-a-via". This is the state
whereby they let God take full responsibility for their banks. And so
consequently they do feel a kind of euphoria. And because they've
placed their service facs in the hands of God of course their lives
straighten out to some degre. They also make it safe for God to be OT.
Well, at least their "God" is clear.