From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 3 - November 1991

Philosophical Considerations
By Todde Salén, Sweden

Nostradamus Prophecies and the "Second Empire"

Many people are interested in the American and the French Revolutions
(1772 and 1789). So am I (as I happened to loose my life in France at
that time - 1792).

I recently read a very good book about the French Revolution. I
learned some very interesting things about it. One such interesting
thing was that there were huge amounts of people, who participated in
both these two revolutions. Of the famous (historical) persons we had
from the USA both Thomas Pain and Thomas Jefferson (later became
president of the U.S.A.) and from France laFayette and Talleyrand.

In the prophecy of Michael deNostre Dame (Nostradamus) these two
incidents in the history of the western civilisation are called "the
two sisters that were born 16 years apart" and he also mentioned that
the greater sister would come to rule the world using freedom as
source of Power.

From a modern buddhistic viewpoint, these two revolutions established
"the second Empire" (the empire of Understanding and free
communication or ITSA as it was called by LRH). Already Jesus Christ
and Gautama Siddhartha talked a lot about this "other kingdom" that
would once become established on this planet. Well here we have our
modern western civilisation, that today is conquering the world by
demand for it's democratic and free enterprise systems (just like the
Roman Empire once was demanded because of it's "Pax Romana".) Thus it
definitely fits the description of the "second Empire" of old

The new religion

What Nostradamus had to say more about the future of religion on this
planet was that a New Sect of Thinkers (philosophers) would get their
philosophy started at the time when "the grave of the Great Roman"
(St. Paul) was discovered in the month of April (which would mark the
year this would happen) and the grave would be found to have been
"poorly built".

Well, in April 1939 the grave of St. Paul was discovered in Rome and
the entrance was half destroyed, because of poor construction. I hope
that everybody who reads this knows that the book Excalibur was
completed by LRH in the year 1939, but never properly printed and
published. However later on according to LRH, most of the materials of
his book Excalibur has appeared in the "OT-levels" and other places.

So we have been able to trace the establishment of the second Empire
as well as the first seeds for the third Empire (being the new
Religion which would develop out of the "sect of thinkers, whose
teaching shall be improved").

There is a lot of contributions needed from many people to get this
"show on the road". Antony Phillips is making one such contribution (I
believe and hope) by publishing "Ivy" and thus creating a comm-line,
which can be used by people, who are taking responsibility for the
spiritual heritage, that exists on this planet, to be taken care of
and developed further to fulfill the goals and purposes of Mankind.

Auditing Technology

The primary responsibility for each one of us is to take advantage of
the technology of Auditing (Live Meditation) to put our feet on the
road to OT (the road to truth) and at the same time learning to know
the technology well enough to deliver it to others.

You have to learn to deliver it to others also. It is not enough to
receive it for yourself. Because you are not basically a lst Dynamic
being. You are an 8-dynamics being (an OT). An 8D-being can never
benefit in the long run only through his 1D (which after all only
lasts about 70 years).

Thus it is time for each one of us to start to take some active
responsibility for the future of our own self (our 8D-self) and the
societies and 3rd dynamics we live in.

It is not always fun to "do the ethical things" one is supposed to do.
But in the long run, you get the most enjoyment and happiness if you
follow this road. It has been paved by many wise men who started
walking it long before you or I started in this lifetime. It is quite
a comfortable road right now, compared to what it has been. But it
still requires lot's of patience and an earnest mind that is willing
to grant beingness to others to move significantly on this road.

The important thing is not to say the right words or believe the right
beliefs. The importance is on getting active in learning to apply the
technology to oneself and others (i.e. to speak the right actions in
the language of actions).

P.S. Both Gautama (Buddha) and Jesus told their pupils that "many were
called, but few were chosen", just like LRH did. People who do not
involve themselves in the religious activities, do not understand that
it is the individual himself that is doing all the choosing, even if
the group is doing most of the calling. As a matter of fact you are
choosing yourself to be one of the "chosen ones" by your actions. In
this case you will select yourself to be chosen by training yourself
to be a clever Auditor (Meditor) and then act as one. Those actions
are all the actions you need to take some huge leaps closer to the
truth on the road to truth. But you will not be able to take these
huge leaps in one afternoon. They take time. They require patience and
a will to learn and help.