International Viewpoints

International Viewpoints!"The Magazine's aim: In 1934 the book Scientologie by A. Nordenholz was published. In the middle of the twentieth century the subject of Scientology was greatly expanded as a philosophy and technology by L. Ron Hubbard and a big band of helpers...
It is this large subject that International Viewpoints deals with, and it is our aim to promote communication within this field..."

Issue 7 - August 1992

by Bob Ross, USA
The Science of Knowing How To Know According to Alfred
By Frank Gordon, USA
Knowingness Process
By Robert Ducharme, USA
Conferences - 1992
By Antony A Phillips, Denmark.
New Realities
By Mark Jones, USA
Forgiveness - A Missing Basic for Higher States and Evolvement

Book News - Who is John Dalmas?
A book review by John Dorne, Denmark
Classic Comment
By Terry E. Scott, England
True For You...
Goals Finders
By Antony A Phillips, Denmark
Four Points to the Triangle
By Terry E. Scott, England
Kemp's Column
By Raymond Kemp, USA
"The Time has Come"
Philosophical Considerations
By Todde Salén, Sweden
Individuals & 3rd Dynamics

Answer to Letter
To Elly Poortenaar
From Otto.J.Roos, Holland