From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 7 - August 1992

Knowingness Process
By Robert Ducharme, USA

Are you interested in a process that is simple, powerful, easy to run
solo or dual, difficult to mess up, forgiving of errors, quick to get
to E.P., gets loads of E.P.s (cogs-a-minute), clean, one that can
tackle virtually any item presented, and is evidently an infinite

I could probably make a fortune selling this process as a guru and
maybe even start my own multi-level empire with it while telling
people to buckle their britches and hold on to their shirts (or
something like that). But gurus are already a glut on the market. So
I'll just part with it and let those who can appreciate it for what it
is do what they will with it.

The process is deceptively simple. All I can say is "try it"., and you
will see for yourself what I am talking about.

The first thing to do is choose an item of interest. You want to
demystify the subject of, say, "love"? Well then, the sole command,
given repetetively (and even when doing it solo, say it aloud), is
"Look at love and tell me something about it". This done to a standard
E.P. E.P.s in this case can be bypassed many times to deeper and
deeper E.P.s on the same item (still acknowledging each E.P. of
course). This process should have the effect of peeling unknowingness
off a case by layer as it presents itself. Auditor basics are still
required here, especially the TR-1 and neutral attitude.

I prefer to do this process with eyes closed while letting anything
come to mind on the subject that will come, and itsa about it.
Sometimes it's pictures, sometimes it's ideas. I just look at the
meter occasionaly when I get curious as to what it has to say.

Don't bother to thank me, just remember me in your will (ha-ha).