From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 7 - August 1992

Four Points to the Triangle
By Terry E. Scott, England

LRH's discovery of Affinity, Reality, Communication (ARC) was
brilliant and valuable. He also found that a product of ARC is

Today, we can add further data.

Although Theta, in truth, has no divisions, it has created games and
universes through conception and manifestation of sub-divisions. These
include duality, which can be expressed in many ways - such as creator
and perceiver, originator and responder and, important here, intention
and understanding.

In terms of the ARC triangle, A, R, C are three components, and there
is a fourth. It is Intention, when the yang (male, creative) side of
the duality is involved; Understanding or, more accurately,
Duplication when yin (female, responsive and receptive) is emphasised.

We end up with IARC, Intention, Affinity (emotion and admiration),
Actualities, Reach (communication), plus UARC, Understanding
(duplication), Affinity (aesthetics, emotion), reality (agreement),
communication (and thought as distinct from thinkingness).


These data have long been extant in astrology, where they are known in
vague form as fire (intention/duplication), earth (reality), air
(communication), water (affinity). It takes a knowledge of the Tech to
really sort out astrology.

Theta is One. It can consider itself to be dualities - such as Cause
(yang, manifesting as masculinity on a mest level) and Receipt point,
responder (yin, feminine spiritual qualities). The duality then is
expressed in terms of four aspects: IARC and UARC. Since I and U are
aspects of knowingness, one could say KARC.

In universes, there are levels of manifestation. Theta can also
express KARC as product: energy, space, matter and time, respectively.

Theta is Three ... Beingness (as identity), doingness, havingness.
These, too, are found in astrology, as Cardinal, Mutable and Fixed.
Be-Do-Have are the tools by which the thetan runs a game, and also
work out as create (start), maintain (change), complete (stop).

By deciding to continue a moment in the ever-changing present, goal
and game are begun. Otherwise, one would have "Walked on" in the
present, moment by moment: continuous as-is-ness, without altering any
moment to create a goal.


Astrologically, invoking be-do-have creates an identity (seen in the
horoscope) and, if it is a game of being-human, a lifetime.

The point of such be-do-have can be a specific goal. Or it can be a
state of havingness that offers a benefit. One could say that the MEST
universe is a continuing benefit and havingness, not an end goal.

A benefit can also be a continuing accumulation that, when in time its
maximum capacity is reached, may be discharged. Like feeding mest
electricity into a capacitor for several seconds, then discharging
that energy through a tube, in a millisecond - as in an electronic
flashgun for a camera.

KARC can be applied to the Tech broadly. For example, in relation to
the trio processes, "Recall a time when you felt affinity for
someone", "Recall a time that was really real", "Recall a time when
you were in good communication with someone".

We can add the fourth component - something like: "Recall a time when
you had clear intention" + "Recall a time when you understood". Or, as
a single line: "Recall a time when you knew".

One can handle hung-up goals, purposes and benefits by locating the
alter-is moment that gave them birth, running it simply. If the thing
does not unmock, look for an earlier, similar alteration - same
subject matter. This is not engram running, so look for an event
containing alteration, initiation, intention, duplication as the vital

Example: the antique vase the preclear cannot forget. He saw it on
show, postulated "I must have that vase", worked extra hard to make
the money needed, bought it, and was happy (havingness, benefit) until
it was lost or damaged or became dust. For this preclear, the vase is
an aesthetic on a chain of earlier/similar aesthetics.

The Tech we have inherited extends into much complexity of case, but
the thetan is Simple in a grand sense. But the most powerful tech is a
simplicity that can be applied remarkably low down in the case yet
works powerfully at high levels.


Case is built upon goals and benefits concerning specific identities,
which comprise particular beingness, doingness and havingness. The
confusion of benefits and liabilities in identities individually and
in series are the things to resolve in the preclear.

Astrological connection

More on the astrology of all this - and, to avoid misunderstoods,
either look up the terms I shall use in a good basic book on astrology
(otherwise this article would stretch on somewhat) or skip the next
few paragraphs altogether.

The three inner planets can be associated with beingness, Sun stands
for viewpoints and intention/understanding, and astrologically is of
the element Fire. Mercury represents communication, reach,
thinkingness, connectedness (thus logic), and can be linked with the
element Air.

Venus symbolizes affinity, emotion, aesthetics, and its element is
Water. And Earth, the one the astrologers overlook, stands for
reality, actuality, agreement - element earth (coincidentally).

The next set of planets are Mars, "Aster" (in this system, just the
asteroids), Jupiter, Saturn - associated respectively with
intention/understanding, communication, affinity, reality, but this
time in terms of doingness. Then come the "havingness planets", Uranus
(I/U), Neptune (C), Pluto (A), and a hypothetical "Zee" (R).

The level one can call real astrology is an interface between theta
and mest, a sort of paraphysics. I have been studying it for 35 years,
and it is a long way from the sort of rubbish one gets in newspapers
and women's magazines.