International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 33 - August 1997

Further Comment on TROM
By Judith Methven, England

THE MAIN AIM of TROM <TROM is a self help book, full title The Resolution of Mind, written by Dennis Stephens. Judith Anderson is the worldwide distributor of TROM. Her address is, P.O. Box 212, Red Hill, Brisbane 4059, Queensland, Australia. Internet address: The cost is $A40, or 20 Sterling and includes postage. In the USA you can contact Flemming Funch at 17216 Saticoy Ave, #147, Van Nuys, CA 91406, USA. E-Mail address; . He charges US$40 incl. airmail. There is an Internet list concerned with TROM. To get on it write (Email) to with the single message line: subscribe trom-l.> level 5 is to get you to understand why the other guy (or just MEST <MEST: Matter, Energy, Space and Time; the physical universe.> in general) is able to make life unpleasant for you. Now there can be a million diverse reasons for this.

But it all comes down to the same thing -- he is able to do it because you let him. This is the main understanding I have gained from TROM.

You are responsible for accepting other people's thoughts (or postulates). So you need to work out why you accepted them -- for that is why you ended up in unpleasant situations. From this you will know how to avoid them (which is not to say you can't handle them). Of course these understandings all hinge on having a good look at what your own postulates actually are.

So for me, using TROM resulted in a huge realisation to do with responsibility being the bottom line of case.

My gains

I took this (new) knowing out into life and used it, and was astounded at how so many things turned out differently -- and much, much better for everyone involved -- especially me.

The depth of that understanding was a direct result of working TROM.

Well, that was some two or three years ago.

Progressing through life, I've occassionally done other auditing, and also gone back to TROM.

A few weeks ago I ran some items through TROM. Didn't actually find any incidents, just ran feelings to do with affinity/power. There were unpleasant sensations of being indignant, annoyed, uncomfortable, which after some 45 minutes, just faded away. To be honest, it's difficult to remember exactly what did go on in the session -- but the feelings faded and it was boring to continue running the process. The result out in life seems to be that I no longer have much difficulties saying "no" (politely) to people, which makes life better for me.

Understanding is vital

Understanding the theory of TROM is essential for the running of level 5. Also, having a sound knowledge of the mechanism of how a game is played and how to stop it if you wish, is a very useful life tool.

In the beginning, TROM stirred things up and then took the heat out. Later on I've found that it doesn't necessarily stir things up but is often effective for dealing with items that have come up through life experience. It is a practical way of sorting out the game behind troubles.

TROM seems to be a very direct way of dealing with case. The drawback being that sometimes the gradient may be too steep. Also, some people find the gradient of the information given in the text difficult to get to grips with.

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