International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 33 - August 1997

Spiritual Power
By Homer Wilson Smith, USA

HUBBARD MENTIONS THAT there are 3 universes of concern to the preclear on his journey up the Scientology Bridge.

You have had, have lost and can regain spiritual power in each of these three universes.

The first universe is your own personal universe.

The second universe is the personal universes of others.

The third universe is the common universe we all share called the physical universe.

Power in the three universes

Spiritual power in your own universe consists of things like being able to make and see 3 dimensional moving mockups clearly, have an accurate and facile memory, being aware of your basic purpose in life and having lots of free flowing energy to apply to it.

Spiritual powers involving other's universes would involve things like being able to see other people's pictures, telepathy, and the ability to project intention into others.

Spiritual powers over the physical universe would be things like the ability to exteriorize from your body, being able to move physical objects at will (telekinesis), being able to create and destroy physical universe objects at will (materialization and dematerialization). Also the ability to move forwards and backwards in time or even perpendicular to any given time line to another time line either already existing or one of your own creation.


Each of these powers is demonstrable to the person who has them and to the people that they effect.

Powers within one's own universe in general only effect oneself, and so would be most evident to oneself. However increased energy, imagination, etc. would be obvious to <%-5>others around you so it's not that there would be no evidence at all for these things if you had really attained them.

Powers between yourself and others' universes such as telepathy of course would be very obvious to those who could communicate this way, and would probably be verifiable to some extent by those who were looking on.

Powers between yourself and the external physical universe would of course be the easiest to verify to external onlookers.

These various powers return to the preclear pretty much in the order discussed here. First he brings order and control to his own universe, then, along with others who are doing the same, he begins to extend his control and intention outwards towards others and their personal universes. Lastly he regains ability over his involvement in the physical universe, and eventually over the physical universe itself.

None of this is religious dogma that you are expected to believe without evidence. It is all conjecture however, until you manage to do it yourself or can observe someone else doing it.

The underlying theory contains a rather clearly laid out route by which you co-created universes with other beings, complete with powers in all 3 universes, and then you lost those powers, took them away from yourself in fact as things went wrong. The theory also contains a rather thorough explanation of how to regain those powers to a point where you can have them or not have them at will.


People who end up merely believing this stuff never manage to be able to do it, because belief is a violation of certainty, and certainty is the only workable truth. You don't have to know why some technique works at first, you only have to use it to see that it does, but if the technique works it can only be because it is based in truth, and if it is indeed based in truth, then one day when your sight is clear enough you will be able to see with certainty those truths that the technique was based upon.

Thus you are not asked to have faith, except perhaps to follow for a while in the steps of others who claim it all works. The evidence you seek should be forthcoming all along the path, you needn't wait to the very end before it all suddenly dawns on you. It helps to know the theory cold so that you can check each part of it out against your observed facts as you go along. Also you can derive your own techniques and test them out, and add to the body of knowledge that we are all using to regain mastery over, and exit from enslavement and imprisonment in this universe.

There is nothing wrong with being in this universe as long as you are here on your own self determinism. We are not trying to escape this universe never to come back, but to bring the light of day back in where before there was only darkness.

Thus we can turn our prison into a home.

That would be the final irony for our tormentors, now wouldn't it?

Copyright © 1993 Homer Wilson Smith

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