International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 33 - August 1997

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Review of Super Scio by "the Pilot"
By Leonard M Dunn, England

THE AUTHOR OF this lengthy work, which is 550 pages in length in print out from the Internet, has used a pseudomyn in order not to be prosecuted by the C of S. Although no longer on staff there, he has retained his membership and therefore has hidden his identity. The work is available with the proviso that its contents shall in no way be changed and it is offered, through the Internet, free of charge. <Those on Internet should look at IVy's home page to find a link to where they can get SuperScio. The address is We published a short extract in IVy 32.>

The first section of the work deals with the outnesses of the C of S and he suggests changes that the C of S should make -- a forlorn hope, I should imagine. Following this there is a long section dealing with what is true and what is untrue about scientology itself.

The second section is called Cosmic history and is based on lectures given by LRH to advanced scientology students in the early days. It covers home universes and the series of universes that have occurred since then down to the present one. Each is followed by a penalty universe and it is how to run out the effects of these that is the longest part of the work.

Other processes are given too, such as how to handle actual GPMs, old processes on exteriorisation and how to audit the Higher Self. Some reference is made to eastern practices and he presents his own view of the chakras.

OT levels first

It is interesting that he advocates that the OT levels should be run first and that the Bridge should follow. He also maintains that none of this work should be made confidential as it does not restimulate. This conflicts with the experience of the AAC at East Grinstead who had to handle a number of people who had been badly restimulated by reading the OT materials when they were first made public.

If you like

I remember a drama critic writing of a show "if you like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you will like". This applies very much to this work. The author has spent thousands of hours of solo auditing running out the effects of the mentioned implants and is still working on them. Personally I am of the opinion that if these things are not causing you personal present time trouble they are best left alone. Even if you feel that you do need to run them, his incredibly lengthy running may not be necessary.

Recently my colleague, Judith Methven, ran into a restimulation of an actual GPM. Working on the principle that life is a game, I decided that using the games processes of TROM level 5 should handle it. I suggested she try this and she cleaned it up solo in less than two hours and the changes that have occurred are proof positive that this method worked for her, and far more easily than Scientology of other varieties.


To conclude, Super Scio is excellent for what it is and the processes that are offered have been discovered, run and found workable by the author. His comments on the C of S and scientology in general are rational, well intentioned and balanced, unlike some other attacks on the subject. So if you feel this work is for you, then I don't think you will be in any way disappointed with it.

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