International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 33 - August 1997

Kemp's Column
By Raymond Kemp, USA

Quantum Philosophy and Theta

I HAVE LONG PONDERED that Quantum Theory/Universe, and Mechanics, and the Theta Universe are interrelated, and that the subject we call O.T. (Operating Thetan) needs more examination.

The following is my first attempt to quantify data and put it into an organized format so that others may read it and hopefully pursue it and add to it.

Since the early 1920s, Quantum Philosophy has been turning the world of general physics upside down and inside out... similarly, since the 1930s L. Ron Hubbard through the application of Scn. Philosophy also turned the field of general psychology and mental therapy or expansion of awareness upside down.

In all the latter day upsets and arguments and disagreements, these have been more concerned with the Administration of the subject, than with its Application. The Philosophy remains, and it is true that proper application of the tools of Scn. do work, and with constant success. It is also true that the scope of the subject, the well mapped road, takes us from an observable Homo Sapiens, to a postulated Homo Novis, known colloquially as the State of Clear. The realm beyond that, commonly known as O.T. (Operating Thetan), Hubbard himself defined as "para scientology" meaning outside the scope of that well defined road.

The current Church of Scn. (and incidentally it was not started by Hubbard but by Dr Evans Farber a student of LRH in Los Angeles) has made much legal noise over the protection of "sacred teachings". These apparently are the course materials earlier known as OT 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, etc. and have little to do with the original philosophy of Scn., as these materials deal mainly with one overall subject, Past Track Implants.

My thesis

I want to take a new position, and go back to the basics, the Factors, and the Axioms, which according to the original publication were "humbly presented as a Gift to Man", and try to see if there is any parallel in the field of the Quantum theory.

Applying quantum theory

According to Quantum Philosophy a particle (mass) does not have a definite spin speed or position. It does have a number of different possible positions or speeds or locations, until we actually observe it. It may not even exist as a particle per se, it may be that such is actually an energy manifestation called a "Wave Form" likened somewhat to a soap bubble, that collapses upon being observed. When such is observed, only then can that particle occupy a well defined state in which it can be precisely known and measured.

Put another way, defined particles are only potentials, until observed by an observer, and the observation itself defines the state of the particle, because he brings into that observation his own experience. As Heisenberg said "if an experiment is designed to detect a particle it will always detect particles -- if it is designed to detect wave forms then it will detect wave forms".

Sir James Jeans said in the 30s that nothing can be fully observed because of this, and that a total observation can not occur since it would bring about a vanishment of that being observed. Put very simply, "an observer will observe what he puts there to observe".

Hubbard says this similarly in his writings of AS-ISNESS, and indeed the phenomenon of as-isness is central to the desired result of counselling in the Hubbardian method.

Can the Mind then be considered to be a quantum device? It can be argued that the thought process does indeed collapse wave function, the "thinker" coalesces from probability of billions of possibilities and resolves these into a single defined idea or thought, thus paralleling quantum mechanics.

Since an entity (thetan) is potential, (by definition -- no mass, just potential, with no location in time or in space), it has, again by definition, no speed (energy), no location (position) and no mass, but billions and billions of possibilities.

When an entity thinks a thought, per quantum, there is a collapse of the wave function into an observed, and thus well defined mass we call a thought. If you have grasped an understanding of this, then let us move on.

Mental pictures (facsimiles)

A facsimile, either is a mass, or has a mass. For practical purposes we could define it as an encysted thought, but according to our theory it can not exist except to the extent that the thinker, by observation of possibilities, brought it into being. It can only be "unthinked" by direct and full observation. Sound familiar?

We are used to dealing with facsimiles, those of long duration (we say), we sub-divide into Engrams, Locks and Chains; we own some, we say; we were given some, we say; we were implanted, we say......

But wait! Re-read that last bit, and in place of "we say", substitute "we think".

All of these then are thoughts -- created by us from infinite possibilities and only exist because we have collapsed these possibilities into thoughts... right now.

The coarse facsimile phenomenon does have time attached to it, but only because we put it there and hold it there. But if we assume that the thinker is "clear" then he is still thinking thoughts, still coalescing from infinite possibilities these well defined quantum particles.

It could be said then that a preclear doesn't think anyway -- he simply reacts to and from masses known as facsimiles, bouncing through life like a pachinko ball. <pachinko, is a mainly oriental slot machine game where one shoots hundreds of little ball bearings onto a vertical board where they bounce around randomly through a maze of pins before arriving at 'scoring' locations.>

The physical universe & quantum

So far we have been talking about the area of human consciousness, not necessarily a part of the physical universe, but observations in that the universe too has some bewildering aspects until one applies quantum theory. For example, with the Hubble Telescope we can now see stars we have never observed before, it is said that we can observe some 95% of the physical universe. (Note the use of the word observe). Recently the birth of a star was observed, measured, examined, data was gleaned from it, and so on. But this star was (I don't know the exact measurement), some 300 million light years away. It took the light some 300 million years to reach us and be observed through the Hubble Telescope.

Does that star, now being measured and quantified actually exist... now?

Not necessarily. What we are observing now is an event that took place 300 million years ago... then.

What if, some 1500 million years ago, that star went nova, collapsed and became a black hole? Then for the next 1500 million years we shall be looking at, observing, and quantifying something that does not exist anywhere in the physical universe. No wonder Schrodinger, one of the foremost of the Quantum Philosophers said of Quantum physics, "I don't like it, and I am sorry I ever had anything to do with it".

In quantum theory one could say that we observed a wave function and brought it into being by that observation now, and in that observation we chose from all the possibilities that particular set of parameters. As a result we can measure things that may not exist, we can, from one time, observe a different time, and say with truth "Now is then" or "Then is now". That can be done in the Physical Universe where time is considered an arbitrary.


What then is available out of the billions of possibilities in the universe of consciousness, which is the universe of the entity you are.

All "things" are potential until you observe them, all thoughts are only possibilities until they are observed, at which time they cohese into a mass and become definitive.

The "clear cognition" (Editorial note: I have felt that there was confusion (in the latter day church) about the clear cognition, and asked Ray for a clarifying footnote. Ray wrote: "I am not going to quote the actual Clear cognition based on my last article on Valences and Service Mechanisms. It is not "I have been mocking up my Bank all this time" as some have said." Perhaps there is room for a clarifying article! Ed.) does in fact encompass this, but to then add great significance, spin, time, and location to more masses, thoughts, coarse thoughts (facsimiles), makes significances with masses, called Implants. Potentials called BTs, (FBTs -- Body Thetans.) and so on begin to look like an exercise in futility in so far as increasing one's own ability to coalesce one's infinite potential i.e. the route to O.T.

An assumption

As I said earlier this is a thesis, a necessary preliminary assumption. One of the assumptions is that to enter this road one must first be truly, (not as a service mechanism), clear. One must have rid oneself of all need for facsimiles upon which to operate. One must be able to look at the physical universe for what it is, and what it is not. One must be willing to be right, and willing to be wrong, to observe that there is no such thing as a coincidence, that there are flows and there are terminals, and the intersection and interaction of these make for a fuller immersion into life, not a constant protest to get out of it. One must desire, and be willing to give and receive communication from others, even strangers.

What is real?

Now all this is not to say that the Reality of Implants, B.Ts etc. does not exist. Quantum philosophy, and backed up by experimental data shows that when a wave function has collapsed into a defined Particle, out of all other possibilities, those other possibilities or potentials still exist. One has acquired a reality of the particles one has created, and, become more and more "real", as there is more and more agreement and communication about that particle. The alternatives remain equally valid, equally real, and existing in their own parts of the Universe.

To simplify this into what has been called Alternative Realities as in "parallel worlds", however, is not a true description, and while seeing it as a constantly splitting branching tree has some workability, (especially if one has created a Time Track of linear events), it still seems to be an inaccurate picture.

So...... You exist in a limitless potential, untrammeled by space or time, with possibilities that have no boundaries. Why waste it on creating, and then having to create more masses, arguing for years what the real name of an alleged implanter mass was, or how many BTs can sit on the end of your nose!

Have fun.

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