International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 33 - August 1997

Classic Comment
By Terry Scott, England

Hot Potato

I WOULD LIKE to grab a "hot potato" that exists in the philosophy but is seldom heard of: the Eighth Dynamic.

L. Ron Hubbard makes reference to it now and again in his many writings, but -- in those I have come across -- they are brief. Further, no specific techniques seem to be extant that would help us to expand into or to invoke the Eighth. The First, yes.

Christians have prayer as their technical answer on the Eighth Dynamic. Does prayer work? Maybe. But prayer as practised in at least Western culture tends to be passive.

People sit there at effect appealing to Cause. Mind you, some non-Christian, "pagan" religions used to invoke their God(dess) or god(esse)s -- invoke and use power; quite interesting.

Active prayer would be in communicating with the Eighth Dynamic on the lines of: "Let's go and move that mountain. Let us..."

But to do this for real, one needs at least a glimmering of recognition that one's being is grounded in the Divine.

What is the Divine? Source of All -- Source of all theta and thereby of all matter, energy, space, time and games.

My personal point of view is that ultimate Source is the creator-and-perceiver of all. And that Source began as a unity that conceived the idea of itself as capable of being an infinite number of sources (lower case "s"). Thetans.

And Source is able to thoroughly be each and every theta being. And every thetan can be a source point for mockups and games and a lot more.

God is indeed in each and every one of us, far more than organised religion dares to really let its parishioners know. And to use what might be called "God Power", one invokes it as Cause. Not as effect, asking "Lord, please gimme".

The Eighth Dynamic is a dynamic of Power, but that ultimate power can only be re-attained through responsibility, ultimately in being part of source.

From Uafhngige Synspunkter 1992

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