International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 33 - August 1997

English May Conference
By Albert McManus, England

Held May 17th. 1997 in North London

Lilian and I arrived early, but not so early as our guiding angels who set the conference up. With the usual relaxed skill the conference was gotten under way and was lightheartedly launched with a bit of poetry in the Burtles style. It was nice to see some new and nearly new faces, together with the reappearance of some older ones.

Antony Phillips brought news that Scientology had climbed into the Internet and that circulation of IVy achieved the impossible state of unvarying change since first issued at the magic figure of 150 <Not quite true. Some go, some come. We are not good at keeping comprehensive statistics, but I have just had a note from the English distributor giving the following figures: 1995 = 48, 1996 = 44, 1997 (so far) = 52. I don't think we have reached all potential readers yet.. Ed.>. He also hinted that he wouldn't stick with the Phillips IVy editor GE for ever.

I was pleased to see that Ray Saunders had found a realistic thread of response in his audiences by using Spiritual Response Therapy. Being a natural healer he has been expected (like all natural healers) to heal without reward beyond achievement of the healing. Healing as a service seems to need a long via to put value into it; something the medical fraternity well understand. The most expensive treatments go on for painful years or are on very long waiting lists or need years of saving up money to achieve them.

Neville Chamberlin gave us some straight talking about taking life seriously whilst giving the impression that that was the last thing he did even if he had been impressed, boy and man, into the service. Later he gave us the idea that 42 was an important number -- something to do with numerology, I think.

As always Barry Fairburn got us looking at the possibilities that we are operating as spirits after all; and his examples were so real you could touch them. His trip through the realms of creation, from all directions, was really elevating and had no loose nuts to it. I now know why gambling on a river in a steam boat is so exciting.

Britta Burtles's enthusiasm after lunch was boundless, as usual, despite the efforts of some in the audience to keep some valid opponents in the games she recommended we play. The excellent lunch we all had probably put extra energy into the listeners -- the audience definitely participated. Ulrich Kramer's contribution stretched us all to look out into the universe and then to take a closer look back to see what goes on earthwise. His pictures were on the largest canvasses; even when they described the doings/misdoings on earth. What goes on in space has always been real to me and I enjoyed this muchly.

The group discussion were good fun. We had Neville Chamberlin in our group and the mysterious number 42 kept re-appearing. It all became hilarious.

Chris Dunk added fun and reality to our lives beyond the bounds of clay modelling and brought the power of the spirit to the fore with much interest. Like the best of conjurers he kept us all guessing to the last.

On the electronics front a good basic Emeter was on show together with a low voltage "zapping" device to clear the body of germs and viruses and other bugs. Something to help the G.E. keep pace with your rapid spiritual arisings.

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