International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 33 - August 1997

Mentor Offer
By Ray and Pam Kemp, USA

In response to a letter that was sent us regarding a person who wanted "Training Data" we would like to respond as follows:

We realise there are many who would like to learn the Philosophy of LRH together with the application of the technical side of that Philosophy.

What is missing apparently in the "free field" is a source of stable data to whom they can go. (In the 'old' days we had Book Auditors who would get advice from the HAS (Hubbard Auditor Service) <Editorial note: I came into Scientology in 1954 in England. To me HAS means only Hubbard Association of Scientologists (later with I for International added). I Emailed Ray, And this was his reply: "It was a part of HAS, book auditors would call in when they were in trouble auditing, and Ron would give them advice, sometimes by phone even. Later this became CECS (don't remember the full name except certification." I remember CECS (vaguely). "Committee of Examinations, Certifications and Services (PAB 39)" according to Modern Management Technology Defined (popularly known as The Admin Dictionary). Ed.> . In the tradition of Learning, and Academia, older Universities had students who "read" the subject under the guidance of a mentor.

Pam and I therefore are offering to be Mentors for those who want to read LRH. I will take on students and advise and coach them on the Philosophy (theory) of LRH as published in his books, tapes and conversations. Pam will be the Mentor for more direct Technical advice.

Preferably we will use Email, but Fax and ordinary mail can be used. We will only give advice on LRH material, not Ch. of Scn. necessarily, and not any other 'ism' or 'ology' deriving from Scn. no matter how good it seems.

In other words we shall stand in for Ron where possible. There will be an exchange for this service. In this way we shall be doing our bit to see that our promise to LRH to advance the subject unalloyed, be kept.

Ray & Pam Kemp, P.O. Box 1216, Wildemar, Calif. USA 92595 Fax. (909) 678 1173 email

As a result of the email to Ray in connection with the footnote, he added:

By the way the concept of teaching or mentoring 1 on 1 by Internet is now a very acceptable way of teaching courses used by UK Universities and recently by Arizona. As expressed "it is an excellent way to teach such subjects as Law or any of the Humanities".

People sign up to be students, are introduced to each other and then get taught and asked to compare notes with each other, all by E mail... apparently now very successful. That's basically what Pam and I want to do

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