International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 33 - August 1997

Horner's Course Picture

Ray and Pam Kemp spotted the following people in the picture we published in IVy 29, page 41:

1. Francis (Dr. Holliday's daughter).
2. Rosalyn (Dr. Holliday's daughter).
3. Gladys Wichelow.
4. Erna Wright.
5. Eileen Hibberson.
6. Muriel Payne O.B.E.
7. Jan Flemming.
8. Erna Campbell (Jack's wife).
9. Liz Williams (Ray's mother).
10. Jean Atkinson.
11. Mary Long.
12. Francis Holliday.
13. Eve Weigand.
14. Enid Bronson.
15. Raymond Kemp.
16. Dennis Stephens.
17. Dr. John Watson.
18. George Wichelow.
19. Jack Campbell.
20. Peter Greene.
21. Jo Mobray.
22. Ensor Holliday.
23. Jack Parkhouse?

Ray wrote the following comments:

That picture can be said to be of the Pioneers of Scn in UK.

Erna Wright (4). Refugee from Europe in WW2. She also pioneered Natural Childbirth at the same time that Pam discussed Dianetics with Dr Grantley Dick Reid, author of of Childbirth without Fear and we had an agreement to quote his book for physical and he quoted Dianetics for the Mental side of childbirth.

Muriel Payne (6) got her OBE (Order of the British Empire, awarded by the reigning monarch, Ed.) for work done in India in educating small children. She wrote a book called Creative Education, that Ron liked.

Jan Flemming (7). Calligrapher, took on the publication of the British version of Creation of Human Ability.

Liz Williams (9, my mother) was the first DScn (Doctor of Scientology) in UK. I introduced her to the subject while I was still in the RN.

Mary Long (11). Became the star registrar at St. Hill. Staff complained about her methods which included giving a tea party for each registrant, and when Ron found out that the staff wanted to com ev her for off policy procedures, he presented Mary with a floor rug, arm chairs and a tea service. (From this came the policy of Facility Differential, see IVy 27, p. 18)

Dennis Stephens (16). Later wrote TROM.

George Wichelow (18) was one of the first trained Dianetic auditors in UK.

Jack Cambell, (19, wife Gurney) was the man who put the definition of Dianetics into the Funk & Wagnells dictionary. That definition still stands in most dictionaries and Encyclopaedia Brittanica.

Peter Greene. (20). Successful Franchise holder and author of some Scientology books. Died a few years ago.

Ensor Holliday MD (22) was instrumental in setting up the HAS (Hubbard Association of Scientologists) in England. It was set up as a "Learned Society", and originally St. Hill was set up as a College.

Joan Beak went to Edinburgh and set up there.

There are many stories about each of those in the picture... I can't remember all of them, but they were the pioneers, and successful... long before the CofS was formed. (Incidentally not by Ron but by an auditor in California)

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