International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 33 - August 1997

Yang and Yin
By Leonard Dunn, England

<LOOKING IN DICTIONARIES, at any rate older ones, the terms masculine and feminine, can appear to be exclusively associated with gender. But, they also refer to personal characteristics and have been so used in the columns of IVy. They were known in Jung's psychology as animus and anima. Long ago in Chinese philosophy they were known as yang and yin. It is by these that I shall offer what I have to say since these are probably better known than Jung's terms these days. I have spoken of them before in my articles. The understanding of these characteristics can be of great value to the counsellor, practitioner, call it what you will.>

IN IVy 30 I READ an article by a scientologist who has entered this movement some 17 years ago. She could only identify the terms masculine and feminine with gender when it was quite obvious that these referred to personal characteristics. They were known in Jung's psychology as animus and anima. Long ago in Chinese philosophy they were known as yang and yin. It is by these that I shall offer what I have to say since these are probably better known than Jung's terms these days. I have spoken of them before in my articles. The understanding of these characteristics can be of great value to the counsellor, practitioner, call it what you will.

Yang is masculine and its main quality is logical reasoning. Yin is feminine and it is here that we find the quality of intuition. Yin people, whether masculine or feminine in gender, tend to make better contacts with those from other planes of existence but I will deal more fully with this later.

So what importance does this have for the Independent Movement? The answer is that it has a great deal of importance, both in regard to the practitioner and his clients. The greatest importance for the practitioner is when he or she has a good balance of the complementary characteristics.

This does not apply to those who work by rote, using exactly the same means of handling any and every client without regard for that one's individual needs. In the early days of Scientology we were treated as individual cases and the processing was in accordance with our individual needs. The idea of everyone having to do the whole of The Bridge came later.

It is in the progressive aspects of the Independent Field that we find the response to different and more workable ways of handling the individual in front of us, according to that one's nature and needs. What works for one does not necessarily work for all. The Creative Processing that was used on my case produced extremely good results -- I was stable in less than 25 hours. This didn't work for all hence the need for different approaches. It is the different approaches that I have found so beneficial in recent years. The best in the Independent Movement produce better results and usually at a much lower cost than the "donations" of the C. of S.

Very yang practitioners tend to run by logic whilst very yin will use intuition. The really balanced workers will use either, in accordance with what is needed for the individual client. I have found both to be of value, but intuition most especially.

Balance of Yang and Yin

When using the yin aspect there can be a greater chance, or certainty, when this side is recognised and developed, of help from beings from other and more knowledgeable planes of existence. If I may give an example from a case I am currently running at the time of writing this. My client was running some whole track incidents and seemed stuck on an incident where he had been prospecting for gold. Right out of the blue, without any previous indication that what came through was valid, I asked him, "Were you accused of a crime that you didn't commit?" Without hesitation he told me that he could recall that this was indeed so and that he could recall being shot, wounded and then hanged because of this. Total EP!

With another client some while back I recognised that she needed to run an admiration process. I was working from Filbert -- Excalibur Revisited -- since he allows the work to be used without the limitations of copyright and he didn't have a process for admiration in there. So based on my theoretical knowledge I invented one to suit this case. After running this, she re-did her Oxford Capacity assessment and every column was over the top. The creation of this process involved the use of logic -- yang.

To achieve good results easily there must be a good, or better still, a perfect balance of the two qualities yang and yin.

The first step towards this is to find out where you stand in regard to them. I have a book called Who Are You? by J. Maya Pickering and the Draytoon Group. In this there is a short question on one's personal preferences and these are registered as either yang or yin. When I did this on myself I found that the answers were exactly equal.

Imbalance of Yang and Yin

It can be observed that a many people are markedly yang or yin rather than having a balance of these qualities.

The macho male is heavily yang and considers himself to be superior to women and in consequence they are considered inferior. One has only to look around to perceive this dominance of masculinity in so many aspects of life. The question was raised as to whether or not Scientology and its founder manifested this imbalance of the two qualities. When I first came into it the classes that I attended always contained far more men than women. I don't know if this is still the case. In regard to the founder, one had only to see him lecturing on the platform at a Congress to perceive his masculine presentation. His lectures were logical -- a major characteristic of yang. In most business concerns men are found to be in control. There are far more male members of parliament than there are women. Women still tend to have lower level posts than men in most areas.

This attitude probably came into being when the dominant female deity -- The Great Mother Goddess who was worshipped at least 400,000 years ago and perhaps as long as half a million -- was replaced by a male deity. It was when the hunters became agriculturists that a warrior class came into being and a masculine god came to be regarded as being better than the Goddess. This attitude has persisted ever since.

The strongly yin woman is ultra feminine, very emotional as well as intuitive. She represents herself as being dominated by the yang male whilst quietly getting her own way by flattery and similar means, without him ever realising that he has been manipulated. On the other hand she can be so besotted by a male type that she is dominated by him at the cost of her own survival because "she loves" him. She may be aware of his faults but refuses to confront them.

The over emphasised yang or yin being often tends to produce strong physical characteristics that are associated with the type.

The imbalance can also take place in regard to opposing genders. Here we find the man who has an overwhelming amount of yin in his make up or the woman who has an too much yang. It may occur when a being has had a long run of lives in one gender and then takes over a body of the opposite gender. This can lead to balance but often doesn't. It can often cause a sexual preference for one's own sex.

Where there is a good balance of these two qualities the sexes each respect the other. Incidentally, good or perfect balance tends to be associated with a high tone level.

The application to practitioners

At one time L.R.H. decreed that PCs should be audited only by a member of their own sex. This was discontinued later. My attention was drawn to this recently when a rather yang male was to be handled by a woman. Because of his attitude she got nowhere with him but when a male took over, he made immediate progress. He then began to develop a more balanced attitude but, from what I heard, still has a long way to go.

Looking first at the practitioner's state in regard to yang and yin, a good balance of these will achieve far better results since the balanced person can handle it all, using logic when it is needed and intuition when this is of value. I have already shown that this can be done.

L.R.H. said that one should handle the case in front of one and not some imagined case. The case in front of one can be balanced or with some degree of shift away to either yang or yin. A practitioner in the Independent Field may be working in ways that are somewhat, or greatly, different from the ways of very orthodox Scientology. It is here that the best results are attained from the understanding and use of yang and yin. In regard to himself the best balance attainable will produce the best results for him. As I said, balance relates to tone level. The yin side produces the intuitive knowledge that I, personally, have found to be so valuable as have others who are aware of this and make use of it. The yang side equally is not without its uses. So if the client has an imbalance of yang or yin, the practitioner can use which ever mode produces the best effect.

Tone level in the client will indicate whether he is more inclined to the physical or the spiritual. The physical realm produces the state of attraction of opposites whilst the spiritual will be that of like attracting like. This needs to be observed by the practitioner so that the appropriate mode is used.

What I have written is what I have found to be valuable for me in latter years. It has also been found very workable by a close friend with whom I have been associated for quite a few years now. If on the other hand you think this is a load of rubbish, then just follow your own path since there is never only one way of achieving results and each must progress in the way best suited to him or her. Find the way that works for you but, I suggest, do not fall into the trap that your way is the only workable way. The balanced yang and yin will always be ready to pass on their knowledge to others for use. The imbalanced are those who will keep it to themselves and usually for the sake of the money that it produces.

I end with two quotes from L.R.H.

A being is as valuable as he may serve others.

The supreme test of the thetan is his ability to make things go right.

I thoroughly agree with both of them since both are applicable to myself.

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