International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 33 - August 1997

I Create One Version Of What We Know:
All that I say has been said.

By Muriel Chen, Australia.

Are we really creating by postulate?

SOME OF US have problems with money. Some of us have problems with attacks from organisations. Some of us do not have enough time or enough love or enough power to do as we wish to do. And all this after having become clear and O.T.!

How else can we create except by postulate? How else can we be, do and have?

Right now, in present time, we are creating all the considerations that create all that we each perceive. Every little bit of it. What we each at present perceive is about .0001% of what is already created and is available for us to perceive. Parents, social class, society and nationality are a few of the many variables which program our perceptions.

We are each using our own stock of postulates and considerations to choose or allow that part of all possible creation that we experience. When we expand consciousness, it is expansion into all that is created that we are not yet aware of. It is also expansion into what is not yet created.

We are reactively programmed. We have a technology to clear away certain parts of this reactive programming.

But can we be aware of all automatically presented and manifest postulates that determine exactly what we experience? Can we be aware of what we perceive and what games we play "automatically" right now?

We know to put reality creation on automatic in order to play a game with persistence involved. But can we see that we are creating all the persistence that exists? Are we choosing the automatic creations or being their effect?

If you would choose to have everything just the way you find that it is, then you are at cause now. You are not reacting. You are clear!

We are using a technology to remove "experiences" that are stored in the subconscious. But have you thought what else is in the subconscious? The abilities to operate the body are there, our manners and our toilet training are there, and if we were to speak more esoterically, the body itself is there. These things are also reactive.

The body is being automatically created underneath or outside consciousness by dichotomies. (A friend who was working on black and white processing in the late 50s and early 60s in Sydney found that he was actually as-ising the body -- it was disappearing -- and realising that there were other things to as-is first, he stopped running it in the way he was running it.)

We call the part that automatically functions in all life forms the "somatic mind" or the "GE". We call the part that automatically functions in individuals or groups the reactive mind. Where does one mind end and the other begin?

Creating truths

We hand on the "truths" that create our physical reality in our physical reality. We as beings hand them on through life forms. They are transferred "genetically". i.e. Agreements are made, become cellular and hence persist physically.

We are constantly creating our particular form of society, our particular workable truths, our relationships with any other living beings, as well as all the objects and energies that we can at present experience. If enough people had wanted to believe their fellows who saw space ships in the early Sumerian times, they would be real now to most of us. If enough people .....

We create the truths we agree to.

We hand on chosen and preferred truths

We hand on these truths so well that many people have fixed ideas of right and wrong, truth and untruth. These come from enforced choices and enforced preferences. They were enforced in trauma and through lack of inspection.

The ways of doing and having things and the reasons for doing and having them and the justifications for preferring them are infinite. The only limits to creation are created ones. Some people specialise in creating personal limits for a more challenging game. Others create limits by default and create overwhelm. Many of us create limits to right and wrong and find those limits that others create to be wrong. Some create to manifest that which has not manifested.

Heredity or influence?

We hand truths on from generation to generation. By the time you were born into your present body you had within it as part of its "cellular" structure all the dramatisations and "cellular mind content" of your mother. These are not only the traumas. These are the reality recipes as well. It is the default. (Pun intended!) She got hers from her mother, and so on.

This body is not just a separate being called the G.E. It is an intrinsic part of your beingness. It is as much you as are your thoughts, emotions and your aesthetics.

Prenatal and track engrams are by definition cellular, and are automatically presented into your reality as restimulation occurs.

It has been demonstrated that genetic structure in a physical reality is formed of vibrations -- that particles are a vibrational pattern. Therefore, transference genetically is not to be differentiated from transference on other levels of vibration (e.g. communication) except by the variation in the wavelengths of the vibrations and the content.

If this is so, where are the body inheritance and the theta recall separated?

Whose body is it?

When you run an engram (cellular recording), whose is it? According to Deepak Chopra, the material which forms the illusion which is your cells, your material body (which is just vibrations anyway) is constantly flowing. We are constantly sharing "this material". Each body is constantly being made. It is not the body you had a year ago, or even five minutes ago. It contains vibrations (or particles if that sounds better) that were part of Christ and of Buddha, of me and of the dog next door and of all the others you may or may not approve of sharing bodies with. The body's only constant is the pattern of considerations we restimulate in self and in each other. But the cells themselves have identity, held in place by ridges and attracted by the considerations held by you as a thetan.

We create intricacy for richness and interest.

All of creation is for the purpose of interest. Why then are we not celebrating it all?

There is only now and all that you experience is now

All that you receive on a cellular level and "in any part of your mind" or in your memory, is now. Your body is the embodiment of the mass of your own now. Your experience is determined by the thought in your own now. What is appearing outside of your self is attracted to you by your own now.

I remember when I was auditing on my dianetic internship. (I am remembering it now!!), my Pc, an able being, had been doing other clearing approaches, but had not previously heard of Dianetics. He had dramatic gains that changed his entire life, and he attributed his greatest gain to, and as, TR0. He cognited that all there is, is being here, now, and by actually doing so, there is no past influence preventing creation. His opinion was that L.R.H. would be known and revered forever for Tr.0. alone.

Outside of time and space is the thetan: you. But whilst you are here and surviving in time, you are also the body. As a clear OT you create in time as a thetan but your present time is aligned with and as a body. The body is your alignment in time with all its cellular recording and automatic creations. You are wanting to discover and be free from or change at will those creations you do not prefer right now. To do this you need to choose your postulates to create your reality, knowingly.

What is right and what is wrong?

We know that the consideration of right and wrong is an individual choice or preference. It is also a group agreement for the span of a game. It is not that you had other agreements that you are now stuck in, it is that you have and are dramatising all the agreements that you have hoarded. You hoard those that you force on others, those that you resist, those that you give sympathy to, etc. If they are right now, they can all be changed. If they are right now they can all be released. If they are right now, they can all be let go of.

They can be released, let go of or changed merely by removing the judgement

You could say, remove the whole o/w (O/W: Overt/Withhold; bad things done, good things withheld. The sequence is quite an important part of Scientology and this definition is inadequate We need an article! Ed.) sequence. You could say, remove all the implants. You could say, take the middle way. Whichever you do, you will be releasing the charge on the ridges that form the fixed part of your reality and your body. Whatever means you choose, you are releasing energy on one or both sides of a dichotomy. It can be called a judgement because it is a judgement rather than a choice which puts a ridge there.

How do you locate the present you wish to audit ?

What is being judged as right, right now, is a major part of what is wrong. It is easy to see what we accept as wrong with self or others and seek to rectify it. The rightness that is fixed hides in our own light.

How do you know what it is, if it is automatic and reactive? How do you become aware of it?

You are judging it as right, right now, and you may be doing what you judge as right but you are seeing the opposite of what you judge as right in that or those you resist or in that you wish to change. You may be trying to do what you think is right.

By auditing both this rightness and the other end of each dichotomy (that which you wish to change), amazing things happen to your ability to effortlessly create by postulate.

What can be changed

You can write down all that you are aware of in the world which is not right and which you choose to make right. You can write all that is right and which you maintain as right. You can locate everything that is true in the sense that you know it is not changeable, at least for you. You can find what is true and what is unchangeable for others, for our society, for our world, and for our universe, as you see it.

These are some of the things that will point, in your present, to fixed attention on rightness which hangs dichotomies with ridges, thus constantly creating mass.

Once you have found them, you can use auditing tools to as-is them, or, if you wish the concept to remain in your reality in an unfixed form, to change it by removing the right/wrong judgement. If you are working with TROM, "timebreak" each judgement. You can use belief changing in any of its forms.

The things you find will be in simple statements of "fact". If you use a meter you may find that there is initially no read on some of these things because the charge is projected and needs to be owned. (It could be a rise rather than a fall, initially.)

All these things that are "right" are what limit your freedom to be clear of reaction, to be more OT, and to create any experience with postulates, or even, having played all games here in time and space, reabsorb the energy of your body and your life experiences, and ascend as a completed being.

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