International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 33 - August 1997

A Further Note on the O. J. Roos Story
By Frank Gordan, USA

IN PETER SHEPHERD'S article on Dianasis in IVy 11, p. 29, he says: "Auditing is a gradual process of increasing knowingness, as charge, caused by frustrated first postulates, is freed."

One of Hubbard's first postulates was probably, "I can communicate an understanding and get it duplicated."

That this was often difficult can be heard on tape #6211CO1, SH 206: The Missed Missed Withhold. He describes how he issued one bulletin after another, and still they didn't get it. He treats this with some humour, but the building charge is obvious.

Probably, in his later and short-tempered years, the humour had vanished but the built-up charge from trying to get duplicated remained (Listen to the Class VIII tapes ca. 1968) This gives one possible explanation as to what happened.

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