International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 33 - August 1997

1000 Year Empire and KRC
by Todde Salén, Sweden

AN INTERESTING question: "Is our modern, Western civilization (2nd Empire) moving in the direction of the 3rd Empire?" Yet another: "Is our ARC society (2nd Empire) really progressing towards a KRC society (3rd empire)?" <See Todde's earlier articles on the subject, particularly in IVys 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 27. Ed.>

Before you try to answer such a question, you should clear it to understand what kind of an answer to look for. In Scientology auditing, you are required to clear the question with the preclear before the auditor even attempts to get the person to answer the auditing command.

In this case, you need to learn what Knowledge (the K in the KRC triangle) is and what it is not. Also it is good, of course, to know something about the most important principles of the 1000 year kingdom (3rd Empire).

L. Ron Hubbard defined knowledge as "a gradient scale of increasing certainty". At the top was certainty of creation. The KRC triangle implies that, to be able to take Responsibility for something, you need to have Knowledge; if you have the knowledge required to be responsible for an activity, it is then up to you to assume a position where you can Control the cycles of action leading to the desired result.

Supposedly, a 3rd Empire civilization will be based on the principles of the KRC triangle -- just like our contemporary, Western civilization (2nd Empire type) was built on the principles of the ARC triangle, and just as earlier civilizations rested on the principles of the CCH triangle.

2nd Empire

A 2nd Empire society first was created on our planet in ancient Greece, when the original democracy in Athens was established. The early Roman Empire was a continuation of that first democratic civilization. But when Caesar made himself the supreme ruler of the Roman Empire, that 2nd Empire vanished as the principles of authoritarian, 1st Empire civilization gradually replaced those of the 2nd Empire.

Before democracy in Ancient Greece there was an attempt to establish a 2nd Empire in Egypt by Pharoah Echnaton (about 1300 b.c.). A very good and interesting best-selling book on that subject was written by Mika Waltari. Sinue -- the Egyptian. It has been translated into most European languages.

After the fall of Rome came the Dark Ages. But maybe the medieval times were not so bad after all, because it was then that the foundation was laid down for the 2nd Empire of the American and French revolutions. It has been observed that, in England already during the 11th Century, ordinary people for the first time in history showed an interest in saving money and securing their future by means other than through many children (or cattle and so on). Society at last felt safe enough for common folk to dare acquire private capital as a means to secure their lives. Thus, capitalism was launched in medieval Europe, and it kept growing in England and expanded its influence across the Continent.

Eventually, various systems resembling present-day banking took over the creation of the capitalist system. A middle class was born, which had wealth and aspirations to influence society; and through the American and French revolutions this new class of citizen made its power and influence felt through the new and modern Western civilization. Since then, a worldwide demand has boomed for this type of society. This expansion, by demand of the common man, is going on right now and will continue into the near future.

Turning points of civilisation

Probably, the most important invention behind the creation of the 1st Empire was the invention of written language. And it was when the ability to read and write was learned by more and more people in the European countries that the 2nd Empire could assume political control of America, France and then other nations in Europe and the World.

In these 2nd Empire cultures, the principles of the ARC triangle made women of the bourgeois class teach reading and writing to the majority of each population, the new generations. (Most teachers during the 19th Century were women.) This effort laid the foundation for the even greater changes in society that have happened since.

Never in the known history of the World (accepted by universities and scientific establishment) had a majority of a country's population had the ability to read and write. The effects of this silent revolution, created by women, are still changing everything we know of civilization.

Changing 2nd empire

Next question: How many members of our current, Western society are advancing towards a 3rd Empire culture, based on the principles of the KRC triangle?

It is already a fact that today's civilized world is heading in the direction of an information community. But will this produce increased knowledge and thus improved KRC ? Or will it result in individuals being confused by the mass of unevaluated data?

The ideal man of the Renaissance was the "liberal man", with broad general knowledge and orientated towards individualism. Democracy means that democratically-minded individuals can represent other men and women in legislation and governmental affairs, because they are willing to fight for the democratic rights of others -- that is, they are willing to pay the price of freedom: constant vigilance.


Information society

Another question: Is the transformation of our society from a liberal democracy to an information democracy a move in the direction towards increased KRC ? The vast bulk of information our modern man has available is not structured, and has not been properly evaluated. And it is of such magnitude (volume) that it is basically impossible to digest during one lifetime.

The structured information of mass media -- radio, TV, newspapers -- is slanted to make today's citizen bend according to the desires of journalists and opinion leaders, who are concerned only about short-term consequences. They share a bleeding-hearts philosophy with feeble minds that do not dare confront present-time problems to create a brighter future. Are such minds ready to pay the price of freedom? Desire to find truth or to follow commonsense logic does not worry a bleeding-hearts philosopher.

The liberal-democracy society tried to teach its school children to think by training pupils to use their judgment. Upbringing, schooling, work and life-experience were supposed to educate society's members to do this.

Political correctness

In present information democracies, the mass media use overwhelming amounts of images and data to trick the individual into conformity with the ideals of the bleeding-hearts. It is a lack of an overall view (that is, 8th Dynamic viewpoint) and an overemphasis on the destiny of 1st Dynamic victims that lures the person into unintelligent thinking.

In Scientology axiom 58, Hubbard defined intelligence as the ability to assign correct importances. <Specifically, in part: "Intelligence and judgment are measured by the ability to evaluate relative importances..." The mass media continually assign false importance to information. For instance: Whenever an aircraft has an accident, the media report on it at once. But very seldom do they inform their audience that air transport is by far the safest method of travelling vast distances.>

The process Not-Is Straight Wire is based on this axiom. Running it improves I.Q. It is an interesting fact that the Co$. has removed that process from their Grade Chart. They also removed the "lying process" and the Power Processes (except given to "failed Dn. clears").

The media try to control your thinking process by slanting information, giving you a distorted point of view. If you fall into this trap, you become stupid and easily controlled. The media lack the ability to assume a pan-determined viewpoint. Most of the time, they use black and white logic, which is a sure way to lose one's judgment. Whenever an individual tries to make up his own mind, and arrives at a point of view unpopular with the media, he gets harassed in a very undemocratic way.

The democratic mind is supposed to allow others to have freedom to think and to express their viewpoints, no matter what they are. Only those who are willing to fight for everybody's rights, even if the other person does not agree with oneself, are real liberals and democrats. Are today's mass media and journalists such freedom fighters?

KRC knowledge

The true philosopher is well aware that data is not the same as knowledge. Every Scientologist should know that data has very little to do with the knowledge required to assume responsibility for cycles of action (KRC). KRC Knowledge is certainty on how to control cycles of action to achieve a desired result.

Is the information society leading us down the road to such knowledge? Or is it just confusing the individual with undigestible amounts of data of no real value?

Without knowledge of how to assign relative importance to information, the material becomes valueless. A computer often has lots of available data, but by itself cannot evaluate data; it is stupid by nature. A living mind can use the data available in the computer and, with the assistance of the machine, can arrange those data in such a way that they can be used intelligently.

Our philosophy contains methods of evaluating data (the theory of the Eight Dynamics) as well as a framework to teach data of value to the individual (auditing) who desires to reach spiritual freedom. Such factors can improve a person's judgment.

A famous philosopher once said that journalists are human beings who know little in many areas, which means they have no real knowledge in any area.

The power that they have in a modern society is way beyond their KRC level. It can be said that journalists and bleeding-heart politicians are not leading the members of our modern, Western nations towards the 1000 year Empire (KRC society).

To find the 3rd Empire, man now needs assistance to find the data that are important to gain spiritual freedom, data that help him think gradient scale logic and assume overall (Eight Dynamics) viewpoints.

We, who have inherited the technology and philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard, have a responsibility (R in the KRC triangle) towards the rest of the human race. Do you have the knowledge required to accept this responsibility? Are you ready to assume that responsibility? (= Do you have the required knowledge?)

If you can answer "Yes" to both these questions, it is time to start creating cycles of action that lead you and others towards higher KRC -- and to stop other cycles of action. If a lot of individuals are willing to pay this price of freedom, that is a way the 3rd Empire can be created.

Can we count on you? If not today, when?

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