International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 33 - August 1997

Confront, Communication and Control
by Mike Bull, England.

KOICHI TOHEI <Koichi Tohei is the author of a book called "Book of Ki: Co-ordinating mind and body in daily life". He has over 40 years experience in teaching the principles of Ki, and is a 9th Dan in Aikido.> recognised that in order to teach his students Aikido, it was necessary to try and define Ki and to give drills so that his students could appreciate the reality of Ki, so that it could be applied in daily life. LRH evidently made the same observation about communication.

Koichi defines Ki as the infinite gathering of infinitely small particles, ie. dimension points. Yin and Yang are the fundamental actions of Ki. Yin = withdraw, Yang = reach. Reach and withdraw are the two fundamentals in the action of Theta (Factor No. 6 -- The action of a dimension point is reaching and withdrawing.) Expansion of space-EXTENDING KI, contraction of space-HOLDING THE ONE POINT are two exercises Koichi gives his students in his Ki training.

Incidentally, the comparison of any form of martial arts training with the data on communication makes for some very interesting observations. Look at the confront and reaction time of these guys.

Dianetics 55

Page 63 <All page nunbers refer to the 1968 edition. Ed.> -- A conversation is the process of alternating outflowing and inflowing communication, and right here exists the oddity that makes aberration and entrapment. There is a basic rule here: He who would outflow must inflow -- he who would inflow must outflow.

Page 65 - A mass is no more and no less than a confusion of mis-managed communication. You could say that charge is mis-managed dimension points. Therefore the reach and withdraw action of communication straightens out confusions.

Page 79 -- There is a manifestation known as a "Stuck flow". This is one-way communication. The flow can be stuck incoming or it can be stuck outgoing.

Attention could be defined: At = Position + Tension = the stretching out of dimension points creating space. Tech. Dict. def 2 -- "a motion which must remain at an optimum effort. Attention is aberrated by becoming unfixed and sweeping at random or becoming too fixed without sweeping"<Scientology 0-8, p. 75.>. So from these observations we could define Be as position, Do as outflow of Dimension points, and Have as inflow of Dimension points. As an example a man who is afraid of women could not Have a girl friend. Solution: Work out a gradient scale based on reach and withdraw so that the man can confront women.

From Factor no. 6 confront drills can be derived.

Solo confront drill no. 1

Purpose. To comfortably outflow attention and duplicate accurately.

1. Sit in a straight backed chair, close your eyes.

2. Practice flowing your attention outwards, practice observing.

3. If any somatics turn on, simply flow your attention at the somatic. Somatics or discomfort only persist in the absence of or the reduction of the flow of attention.

4. Drill this for about an hour or until you feel really good about it.

Solo confront drill no. 2

Purpose. To comfortably inflow attention or dimension points from another source and duplicate accurately.

1. As first drill.

2. Practice inflowing Dimension points-Listening

3. Any somatics turn on, continue inflowing-listening.

4. Duration as first drill.

Confronting another, drill.

Purpose. To be at ease whilst observing or listening to another. So that accurate duplication and understanding can occur.

1. Two individuals seated facing one another a comfortable distance apart.

2. One practices the outflowing of attention-observing, the other practices the inflowing of attention-listening. Any discomfort or somatics turning on are handled as per solo drills.

3. Do this for about half an hour or until both participants are happy with their progress.

4. Now alternate the roles. The one who was practising outflow does the inflow and the one who was inflowing now practices outflowing.

5. Duration as per 3.

Some further observations.

OT could be defined as Operating as a Thetan. Confront is a Thetan activity not a MEST activity. SCI.AX.46- "THETA can become a problem by its considerations, but then becomes MEST".

SCI.AX.48- "LIFE is a game wherein THETA AS a STATIC solves the problems of THETA AS MEST".

Otto Roos in a past edition of IVy made the point that in the Ethics conditions the condition above power is control. Therefore any deterioration in ones ability to control gives us the gradient scale of conditions. Confront is prerequisite to Duplication. Duplication is prerequisite to Understanding. Understanding is prerequisite to control. Therefore applying any condition in the absence of Confront, Duplication, or Understanding, will only worsen the condition.

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