The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

Announcing the winners of the Service Fac contest
by Phil Spickler
24 Jul 00

      Well, well, well!  At long last the unicorns and the cats, who as you
may remember have been in the process of judging the entries to the second
Service Fac contest, have reached a conclusion; and of course, being cats and
unicorns and more or less timeless creatures, they have taken their time to
arrive at the following results.

        First Place: well, I'm pleased to announce that Ray Krenik is the
winner of first place, and the award that goes with it.  The judges were
practically unanimous that his short (just a few words) entry covered the
heart and soul of the whole idea of making self right and others wrong.  Here
is the winning service fac:
Hey Phil,
          I think you are wrong for having such a contest and I think I am
right in telling you so.  :)

And the award that goes to first place is a paid, one-year subscription to
IVy the journal, which Ray may use for himself or make as a gift to anyone he
wishes.  Very well done, Ray!  a truly great entry!

        Second Place was a tie, with the two recipients being Thom Pearson
and Tom Fielder.  Their award is half the price of a full subscription to
IVy, which will be sent to their distributors in their home countries.  And a
hearty "Very well done!" to you guys!

       In Third Place we have such illustrious folk as Luca, Christian, and
other anonymous entries.  The awards for third place are my undying
appreciation for making the effort to increase understanding through this
form of play and the promise of special respect that shall be accorded over
time for future communications.

       And finally, Honorable Mention goes to Lars Peter for a short essay on
service facsimiles which contains both beauty and humor, and Second Honorable
Mention goes to Alan C. Walter for making a marvelous attempt to
out-service-fac the creator of the Service Fac contest.

        And lastly, and as a final thought, once again, many thanks to all
who participated in this awareness exercise, and its hope that on all the
flows an appreciation of the nature of the beast has been increased.

       Highest regards to all concerned,
       As never,