The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

Why I voted for solipsism
by Phil Spickler
5 Dec 00

Dear Ed,
        I must say that I really and truly (even though I'm a hopeless idiot)
enjoyed your fine effort in providing a theoretical underpinning for the idea
of having the pc in engram running view the incident from the viewpoint of
all kinds of different things in the incident.  This is not exactly a new
idea or theory, since I well remember auditing and being audited this way as
far back as 1952, which really turned Book I auditing into a more or less
unlimited process, and provided  an early chance to keep things moving
beautifully by getting all kinds of different flows out of one incident.

       Some other tech that was then, and still is now, very helpful, is
running incidents in reverse, as well as having the pc deliberately run the
incident at different speeds, ranging from extremes of slow motion to
extremely fast; and this really starts you into all the grand possibilities
that Ron wrote about in using Effort Processing, another dynamite form of

       Since engrams often put a terrific stop into a person's life and
interrupt where they may have been going, it's also very helpful to have the
person run through the incident and complete the cycle of action that they
may have had in progress before the lights went out.

      Ron also pointed out, way back in the '50's, when talking about
different flows, and then in the Expanded Dianetics course, that all the
flows were the pc's, and I think it's pretty neat that here in the year 2000
you've arrived at the same conclusion.  I take this one step further with my
solipism, idiot that I am, and consider that everything, including other
people (and that includes you, Ed Dawson), are my creations, and I must say
that I did a pretty good job of making a fine  research theoretician when I
mocked you up.  My only and best hope is that you're not also a solipsist, or
the resulting idiocy will leave us in a condition of unstoppable laughter
until the universes cease to exist.

       But heck, this is what happens when you start getting so all-fired
pan-determined and become totally responsible for everything.  This is one of
the tenets of Idiotology that confirms just how idiotic Idiotics are.
        As ever, a very foolish and stupid
        The A Static, AKA Philsy