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From: PJSpickler
Subj: IVy-subs: What got forgot
Date: 13 May 2003

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Hello --
   Here's what didn't get said: in theory, or perhaps in fact, the self or
the person that each of us is mocking up is essentially a communication or
communication particle.  To continue this theory: as in most communications,
they're almost always directed toward something or someone (or someones) that
could or should be called the receipt point.  The persistence of the self
that we are mocking up and endeavoring to deliver to one or perhaps many
receipt points may have a lot to do with the receipt points at this level of
existence not doing a very good job of receiving, duplicating, understanding,
and acknowledging the self that we create and send as a communication.

   Finally, in an effort to avoid a cosmic sense of aloneness that
eventually occurs when our most impotant communication fails, we are left
with the continued and desperate effort to create that communication and find
something or someone that will really duplicate it.  This, in my opinion, and
I think also in fact, underlies the awesome power that is released when a
very good auditor, like L. Ron Hubbard and others that followed in his wake,
sit before another person and become completely willing to finally receive
that person, themselves, as a communication.  And when that truly happens, in
or out of session, all manner of achievements, attainments, and miracles most
suddenly become possible.  And thus change can and does occur.

     Each and every one of us has this awesome power at all times at our
fingertips, if we choose to exercise it, as in becoming willing to receive as
presented what other people really are, namely, a communication.  If you can
beat that, please let me know at your earliest convenience.

   Best regards to all concerned,