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To have, or not to have:  is that the question?
by Phil Spickler
13 Dec 1999

     Ho, ho, ho! and may a merry Christmas be yours.  In this posting I
shall abandon my pose as Ebenezer Scrooge of spiritual beings and supreme
beings, and instead of saying "Bah!  Humbug!" to all those notions, I should
like to assume the beingness of a very friendly St. Nicholas, or Santa Claus
if you will, and drop the following into the Christmas stockings in all the
happy little houses of my fellow IVy subscribers.

      The subject of this Christmas carol is Havingness; so hearken while
this herald angel sings.

       Of the many quotations, real or imagined, that have been attributed
to L. Ron Hubbard, one of my favorites of some decades ago is "The being
mocks up what he/she/it doesn't have."  It is possible to get quite a bit of
yardage out of that idea, including a rather large cognition having to do
with just what sort of things you will find surrounding beings, and why they
are there.

      Conversely, if a being has a sense of having something, said being
will not get into the business of mocking it up.  You could further carry on
with this line of reasoning, which is to say that if a being had a very full
sense of having existence, the requirement for his real case, namely life,
wouldn't have to be there, and the enjoyment of being a carefree nothingness,
just a vagrant thought, a will-of-the-wisp, floating unencumbered through the
eons, would be the case.  That of course is the most far-out possibility of
having such complete havingness so as not to mock up anything, period.

      But coming into the realm of existence and those wavelengths in which
auditing can be applied toward good result, it has been found to be possible
to do the whole job of clearing as well the regaining of OT abilities with
Havingness as the basic auditing principle throughout, resting on the idea
that the guy mocks up what he doesn't have and then causes it to persist so
he can continue to have it.  And that's where all the trouble begins.

      So one style of auditing which has proven over the years to produce
great results which are extremely unstable is that style which purports to
remove or get rid of or dispense with that which is called the guy's case.
And there have been a number of procedures which will do it or come very
close to doing it; the drawback is that in no time at all (just kidding) the
guy crashes abysmally and now seems to have as much as or even more case than
he had before.

    Another and sometimes little-used style of auditing, which is really bad
for business if you're in the business of selling wisdom, is that style of
auditing based on the Remedy of Havingness; and in this style of auditing,
you're not trying to get rid of the guy's case: you are actually assuming
that what surrounds him, or what he is inside of that's called case, is there
and consists of things that got mocked up and put there because he considered
he didn't have them.

     So you can see at this point that if you take away something someone is
putting there or mocking up because they don't have it or enough of it,
you're going to be lowering their havingness, causing them desperately to
create more of whatever it is you've now taken away from them.

       So the secret here is to treat their case as though it's filled with
all these things that they have a scarcity of, and remedy their havingness of
these scarcities by getting them comfortable with the notion being able to
create unlimited amounts of what they feel they don't have until they become
so comfortable and secure in the knowledge of having it that they don't have
to compulsively and obsessively continue to create it and cause it to persist.

    When and if that happens, you'll have a Clear, and through further
efforts to remedy and adjust the scarcities and abundances of all things in
the eight dynamics and in the three universes, namely the guy's universe, the
universes of others, and then the universe that's the composite of all
universes, namely the physical universe; and as you proceed in this direction
you will certainly find achievable any state of Operating Thetan that you can
conceive of.

     To put this in the simplest terms possible, something probably everyone
on the IVy-subscribers list is familiar with is the notion that if the being
is having a problem, you can make him very happy and really fix him up by the
simple action of having him invent more problems, create more problems,
imagine more problems, extending this to as many flows as you can come up
with, and you'll end up with a much happier, healthier and saner person than
if you work in the direction of solving or getting rid of or taking away
problems from the person.  It really isn't that people have too many
problems; the real problem is that they have too few; and if you know a
little about auditing, and you possess a genuine intention to help others,
you can put this to the test by grabbing hold of some willing subject and
don't do anythng except remedy their havingness of problems.  You will be
astounded at what a marvelous result you can obtain just doing that.

    What's probably been wrong with the efforts of numerous healing groups
is the absence of the knowledge that beings truly don't have enough problems
and foolishly attempting to get rid of the few that they do have; and whole
mental therapies have been evolved to attempt to do just that, namely, help
someone to get rid of their problems, which will reduce their havingness and
end up destabilizing them, rather than going on the other vector of restoring
their ability and willingness to create and have problems.

       Ron Hubbard knew a lot about this subject, and back in its dim
history not only had quite a bit to say about it but came up with techniques
like Expanded GITA and the amazing Step 6 of the 1958 Clear Procedure.

     The only thing that's wrong with using Havingness as the basic for
auditing is that it's terrible for business, because the unenlightened are
always seeking to get rid of things, not-isness if you will, as the
unscrupulous invent systems to help them do it.  This is a never-ending
route, and the more the guy gets rid of, the more he will find he has to get
rid of, so it's also quite cruel.

     Havingness and all the possibilities of isness and as-is-ness put the
guy back in the driver's seat and make it possible for him to truly construct
a universe.  There is more that could be said about this, and I hope that
some of the other geniuses that write or have written to this list will offer
up further understandings and some of the history of Havingness processing.

       Here's wishing you all the highest Havingness possibilities for this
Christmas and the new millennium!