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Stranger Than Fiction
by Phil Spickler
18 Nov 1999

Hello, anyone!
       Since I haven't quite completed my metamorphosis from human body to
dolphin body, I still continue to communicate to my bodhi-dolphin or
dolphin-to-be friends.  The bottlenose or true dolphin (that's the one with
the big nose and the giant smile) is ubiquitous or everywhere to be found in
the oceans of our planet.  Some of the most interesting and other variants
are not as widespread, and even somewhat rare; but the numbers of the
bottlenose are quite large, and I expect to make a lot of friends as I voyage
around the world's oceans, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.

      One of my favorite authors, and someone I have come to consider a very
good friend, Rowland Barkley, AKA the Deep Trance-Forming Shaman, recently
posted something to the effect that folks he worked with who had received no
prior information about Dianetics or Scientology often came up with amazing
experiences that were the same as or similar to incidents and happenings as
described by L. Ron Hubbard in some of the early tapes.

      I am very, very pleased to have Rowland communicate this, and very
happy to report that in my own experience as an auditor, I have on a number
of occasions worked with folks who had no prior indoctrination into
information concerning Dianetics or Scientology and witnessed folks coming up
with just the sort of thing that Rowland was talking about in his excellent
post.  This has included a lot of the incidents spoken about in the book
_History of Man, or What to Audit_ -- all kinds of space opera or what might
be considered science fiction, and experiences that were quite similar to, if
not the same as those described in OT section 3 of the Scientology Grade

      Admittedly, some of these folks had read science fiction, which
certainly might have helped set up some of these possibilities, but it was
always of special interest to me to see just what considerations and
evaluations the person I was working with might come up with themselves
regarding the material or events that they had experienced in a particular
session or series of sessions.

     For example, they might run through a whole series of what might be
considered Genetic Entity-type experiences, wherein they were experiencing
very early life forms and running through evolutionary moments, which would
prove to be very beneficial to various physical or mental conditions they
might have been suffering from, and find the whole thing quite amazing
without considering that they had had this experience 'way back on the track
as a conscious "I;"  or in another case, running what seemed to be past-life
incidents in earlier centuries and in other locations on the planet to an
excellent result, without concluding that the material run was proof of a
past existence.

       And since neither myself nor any system of ideas about these
experiences acted to evaluate for the folks in question, for the most part
they seemed to just accept it as one of the interesting possibilities of the
human mind when it is allowed to repair itself and its appendages, and let it
go at that.  This also included what came to be called experiences of
exteriorization or out-of-the-body.

       Scientology as a system and many of its offshoots regard what seem to
be out-of-the-body experiences as conclusive proof of something called a
discrete single-unit entity called a thetan, which some folks like to call a
spiritual being.  I observed different evaluations of these experiences in
people who were not pre-educated into names, words that is, for certain
perceptions and experiences.

     I'm personally not sure that all the answers are yet in as to what this
is all about, and since I have a higher desire for knowledge than I do for
certainty, and don't wish to equate certainty and knowledge as being the same
thing, I therefore continue to advise myselves and any who will listen to
withhold the consideration that they possess all the information possible on
the nature of being and non-being, and thus settle for a fixed certainty.

      These notions of mine have yet to win any popularity contest, but I
repeat, I have noticed it is possible to get magnificent results for fellow
human beings without educating or influencing their minds (whenever possible)
with conclusions and information about who we are and what we are, etc. etc.

      On the brighter side of things, lest anyone get the idea that I think
dolphins are wonderful but that human beings are trash, this is most
certainly not the case.  Dolphins, of course, seem to be natural Clears and
remind me very much of the people on that interesting planet I once wrote
about called RAELC (which is Clear spelled backwards, strange as that may

     But the people of Earth, based on my own personal observations, don't
seem to be that much interested in being Clear; they seem to be much more
aimed in the direction of what might be called "Operating Thetan," which is
all about games and one's degree of operational ability in those games,
ranging from the big one called Life all the way down to tiddlywinks.
Therefore it's natural, from a Clear viewpoint, that much of what goes on in
the games on Earth looks perfectly awful, even horrible -- but that's just
the way games get when behind the scenes they're being played by deathless
immortals; and as if to give truth to this notion, here's a short list of
things that I feel prove that we are deathless immortals at play, or if not
that, we at least act like deathless immortals at play:

The history of engaging in warfare with enormous loss of life, usually over
rather puny differences in ideas;

Building and rebuilding major cities filled with millions of people on top of
earthquake fault zones that have in the past and will in the future wreak
tremendous destruction on anything centered upon them;

(Note: as you can see, although human life has not been very dearly prized on
this planet, at this writing we have reached 6 billion bodies and counting.)

      I think only deathless immortals at play would have had opposing
civilizations create H-bombs and delivery systems for them, and then take
that scene to a stand-off, since nobody was willing to risk destroying all
the pieces in the game, as well as wrecking the playing field.

       But most certainly, the motto of the planet is "Let's play a game!"
-- and in a true game, that means opponents and fighting and lots of what has
been called aberration.  There are lots of other death-defying activities
that humans, even the ordinary sort, engage in, that further suggest the
well-hidden truth that behind it all is deathless immortality.

      And last but not least, only deathless immortals would engage in the
game called marriage, which is no game for the cowardly or weak at heart.

      I close with more (or less) to follow --
       Baldar of Romulac