The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

Spring Cleaning Comes Early
by Phil Spickler
10 Nov 1999

Greetings, O fellow-listers,
      It gives us great pleasure to be back amongst thee, and to once again
enjoy the pleasures of the fabled and famous IVy-subscribers list.   In these
here United States, which we like to call America, even though that name
properly belongs to that hunk of territory that runs all the way from Tierra
del Fuego at the very bottom of South America to the northmost reaches of
that part of Canada known as the Northwest Territories, we've just completed
a holiday which is known as Hallowe'en, which has a lot to do with pumpkins
and ghosts and goblins and witches, and we're now in a headlong dash towards
the next holiday, called Thanksgiving, which if you're a turkey (a native
American large fowl or poultry type of bird which is considered edible) said
holiday is called Black Thursday, since on the last Thursday in November
hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions of these lovely birds are
cooked and consumed by folks in celebration of the success our forefathers
had in convincing Native Americans (we called them Indians) that it would be
in their best interests to let us settle on their shores and eventually take
away everything from said folks, all the way from the Atlantic to the
Pacific, including the Hawaiian Islands and Alaska.

      Come to think of it, that really is another story, and there are many
lessons to be learned concerning how to treat certain guests.

       So here we are, approaching Winter, and the title of this small piece
has to do with Spring cleaning.  Many, many, many, many moons ago, back in
the dim Paleozoic period of Scientology, there was a long-lost piece of tech
that had to do with what was called "Mock-up Processing."  This tech was
based pretty much on the idea that you could get someone to do something
knowingly that they might have been doing automatically, and by so doing put
them back in charge of whatever had been being created, thus moving them
right into the driver's seat, so to speak, and allowing them to assume their
rightful position as a creator.

        The ability (underlined) to create or to continue or to destroy
mock-ups was considered to be a most important and fundamental ability that
had a great deal to do with the sanity or rationality or clearness, if you
will, of any individual or group, for that matter; and there was a saying
back then that a person is only as sane as they had control over their
mock-ups (their creations).  It may be said, and follows that statement, that
if a person were to have a universe of their own and not just be drunkenly
reeling around at complete effect in that universe that we all share in
called the Physical Universe, that said person would have to recover their
powers of imagination and their ability to deal with their own mock-ups and
the mock-ups of others and then the mock-ups of all of us put together, the
big reality sandwich called the physical universe.

       I don't propose in this piece to cover all the ins and outs of
mock-up processing and the extraordinary possibilities and results that
occurred when in the hands of those who knew how to do such processing; I'd
merely like to describe a process that came out of that period that at
different times myself, yours truly, and numerous others used to execute a
form of Spring cleaning.

      The process that I'm about to mention was used as an antidote to
conditions that keep occurring when beings subscribe to Time and as a result
become filled up with ideas and information, much of which becomes quite
solid and fixed and gets in the way of perceiving that which isn't any of
those things.  The survival side of folks seems to often push them in the
direction of requiring a thing called "certainty," and yea, it is true that
survival organisms without certainty are in a terrible state; and yet if
there be such a thing as an immortal side to people that can be identified,
the type of certainties that are required by the survival organism are not
only a denial of immortality but are a quite boring and unnecessary thing to
have to put up with.

     So here's a mock-up step that has on occasion been used to help clear
things up a bit.  You'd have the person, if they were able, mock up at a
distance from the location of their human body, mock up at a distance by
consideration a great big pile of ideas and information; and in that pile
should be all of the ideas that they have grown attached to and swear by, and
ideas they would argue endlessly about with other folks, ideas that have
turned into beliefs, static ideas, fixed ideas, ideas by which they define
themselves, ideas that they claim to be the truth.  Well, with most folks
you're going to get quite a large pile -- fixed postulates and considerations
and opinions -- and you want to have the person mock up on this pile the tons
of information that they have recorded and that they're storing, sometimes
with great pride and arrogance, in the gamed called "I've got more
information than you do."

      Anyway, you get this pile pretty high and pretty large, and just on
the other side of the pile you have the person imagine a cliff with a very
deep drop-off, perhaps so deep that you couldn't even see the bottom.  OK,
now you have the person you're working with, or if you're doing this solo,
we'll say "yourself," mock up or imagine an extremely large bulldozer -- I
mean something really big, and it should be a bulldozer that this person just
naturally knows how to operate.  That done, you have our hero or heroine
mount into the driver's seat of this great machine and start it up, and yes,
as you've already guessed, it's now heading in the direction of that great
pile of ideas and information.   And what you're supposed to do is bulldoze
every last bit of that pile over the cliff and out of sight.

      Sometimes this is a difficult thing for folks to do, given the nature
of what's in the pile: all of their cherished fixed ideas, all of their ideas
unfixed.  But nevertheless, with good 2-way comm and the recognition that one
can do in mock-ups whatever it takes to get this job done, keep working with
it until every last bit of the pile and anything else that appears that
should be on the pile gets bulldozed over the precipice and gone; and if
anything pops back up, or the pile reappears, just keep working at it until
you can complete the job and it stays complete.  And that's all there is to

      I'll be looking forward to what anyone has to say about this activity,
this mental laxative, and close with fond regards and all the best --
P.S.  The third universe, or the physical universe, which is allegedly made
up by the intermeshing of all viewpoints, sounds to someone like the notion
of a holographic universe.  Comments, please?
P.P.S.  It also seems that one Gottfried Leibniz, the father of Monadology,
was an early postulator of the notion of the holographic universe, and is
also one of the people that Ron Hubbard, by his own testimonial, used as a
major resource in putting together Scientology and all that stuff that later
came to be known as entity tech.  Comments, please?