The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

The sound of one hand clapping
By Phil Spickler
1 Nov 98

In response to recent communications of an interesting nature, I have
decided to found an Untruth Commission, which I think will have no
trouble being extremely successful as well as popular; and when its
findings are published, they will be universally

It seems as though the word "truth" has a pretty wide range of
definitions and applications, ranging all the way from Ultimate Truth
is Static, right down to some high-level abstraction like 2+2=4, with
an enormous amount of stuff in between.  South Africa, I should like
to say (as an opinion), is a lot like a chain of engrams -- at the
top of the chain, things are pretty solid, very real, no charge gets
blown, and the truth of it all is far from being viewed; whereas much
earlier, or at the basic of the chain, may be found its governing
postulates which brought it into existence in the first place, at
which point it's possible to bring about erasure and to free up all
the theta and convert all the entheta and enmest to a somewhat
happier (if nonexistent) state.  In an effort to beat all you
postulate-processors to the punch, let me say that those basic
postulates are timeless and can be found as visible in the present
moment, albeit with some difficulty in the face of all that obscures

This is very unlikely to happen in that event known as South Africa
as it proceeds through what is known as the apparent cycle of action.
Geologically speaking, it's all happened in a second and will be over
in another second.  But one must have great compassion for the
sufferings and solidities of the present top lock on what has been a
wild and devastating chain of events for a lot of people.        

Without so much as a decent comm bridge I'd like to jump to another
topic, which I'm sure will excite more interest and appeal more
directly to most people than the entire history of South Africa --
namely, the second dynamic.  About 30 years ago (hard to believe) I
was sitting in a course room listening to a lecture by L. Ron
Hubbard, a taped lecture that is, in which he said, and I believe I
am quoting directly at this time, the following: "The entirety of R6
is aimed at the second dynamic."  I feel certain that anyone that
understands what is meant by R6 and the second dynamic, if they've
not heard these words before, will want to sit back for a moment,
make very sure they understand the statement, and then see if it
applies to any of their experiences or the experiences of others on
and across the 2D (second dynamic, if you will).        I've had many
occasions over the years to consider the implications of that
statement, both personally and otherwise, and I'm hoping over the
course of some time, depending on the feedback from this latest
outrage, to share and discuss experiences and observations connected
with Mr. Hubbard's statement.  Meanwhile, a very cold and clammy hand
has latched onto my ankle and is slowly drawing me down into a very
cold and slimy earthen area where I plan to spend a delightful
evening fighting for my life.  Hoping to hear from some of you fellow
subscribers soon -- don't let my piteous screams bother you -- all
the best, Phil