The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

Headline: SEC Invades Belize!
by Phil Spickler
8 Sep 00

       Let me begin tonight's fairy tale by telling you that I spent quite a
bit of time in the small but sovereign country named Belize.  For a long time
it's been a famous place to go if you like scuba diving, for which its
gin-clear waters are justifiably famous, as well as the clear gin drinks that
can be found in its lovely cantinas.  In the past, it's been very well known
as a staging area, along with the Bahamas, for the drug cartels, who move
their merchandise north to the USA, where us greedy gringos buy everything
they've got to sell and then some.  Talk about supply and demand!

        Anyhow, Belize is now in the offshore business, and it seems like the
SEC (stands for the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States
government), from what Evans Farber had to say, attempted to contravene the
laws of Belize by illegally removing documents belonging to Swiss
Trade and Commerce Trust, Ltd. that our SEC had no right to.  And we're
pleased to find out that this invasion failed, and that the privacy of the
drug cartels and Swiss bankers will remain untrammeled, as well as that of
some perhaps less-questionable people and organizations who wish to do
offshore banking and other activities of that sort.

       I think Evans makes a good point, that there should be some limits to
the degree to which our privacies are violated.  I know that in a lot of
auditing that I've done it was necessary for me to violate the privacy of an
individual or even a group that I was working with in order to get the
greatest results that were possible for such a person or group, always moving
in the direction of helping the pc to not only find the truth but find out
that he/she/it is the truth.  I can't say for sure that this tech in the
hands of government agencies is necessarily well-used.

       But enough on this topic!  I am hoping that others will have some
interesting and amazing things to say about the subject of privacy.  I at
this moment have other fish to fry.

       I believe it was King Lear, one of Shakespeare's heroic figures, who
was once heard to say, "Enough of these hemorrhoids!"  (really, I'm just
kidding).  But even if King Lear didn't say it, I say it, not once but twice.
 Having realized that the hemorrhoid is a universal button, or swelling, I
believe if there is such a button we've flattened it while simultaneously,
through repetition, reduced the swelling to zero while raising the power of
the pen to infinity.  In the future I hope to use another symbol of wisdom as
a guiding or highly visible carrier wave for the serious business of
communicating to the list.

      Ed Dawson, by excellent use of TR-3, has finally succeeded in waking up
some of my further memories concerning the Scientology course given in the
summer of 1957 called the 18th ACC.  Thank you, Ed, and here's a few more
words on the subject that I hope you find useful in your research.  The
course was promoted or advertised as having the following result for those
who would take it: namely, a state called Homo novis (in 21st century terms
that could be translated as New person).  For some now, I had wanted to get
on staff at the Church in Washington, D.C. where Ron Hubbard was seen daily,
and even though I had a current HCA (Hubbard Certified Auditor) and a fair
amount of earlier experience using Book 1 and Book 2 auditing, I was deemed
to be insufficient for the job.

      However, I had been told, after begging for a staff position for the
nth time, that if I took the 18th ACC and did well on it, I would be hired as
a staff auditor.  Well, well, well!  Imagine my joy!  At that time I had a
pretty good job in Washington, D.C., working for the District of Columbia in
a department euphemistically called Sanitary Engineering (that's another name
for the sewer department, and yes, we did take a lot of shit, which was the
prevailing humor concerning such employment).  I worked in the area having to
do with surveying and construction engineering, and got to find out
first-hand what a lot of crap the nation's capitol really does produce.

       With a chance to work for L. Ron and company, I dumped my GS-7 without
looking back, sold my 1955 beautiful Plymouth station wagon, and paid $1600
($800 each for my wife and I) to take that course.  This should have been
entitled "With my eyes wide shut."  Anyhow, one of the really nifty things
from this course that came to view, because of Ed's good TR-3, was the notion
of auditing backed up by Tone 40 intention.

       Yes, Tone 40 on-the-Tone-Scale intention -- and in those
pre-Filbertian days, Tone 40 was the top of the Tone Scale (I think).  Tone
40 intention was defined by Ron as "intention without reservation,"  and
almost all of the drills and activities of the course were aimed at creating
a group of auditors who could indeed audit with that level of intention.
Things that developed in CCH-styles of auditing, such as CCHs 1 - 4, that
were not good, were almost always attributed to failure on the part of the
auditor to exercise Tone 40 intention.

       I must say, in recollection, that while myself and others on the
course did not always operate at Tone 40 intention, intention as an ability
was remarkably and strongly improved, and as a being moved through the Effort
bands, Emotion, and up into pure Thought bands, effortless intention at Tone
40 did at times become truly possible.  And since the accent in that ACC was
not very much on two-way communication in the verbal sense, if you were
having trouble with intention, you could end up having trouble with your pc,
and thus came the expression "bloodbath CCHs."

       In those days, you might not, in fact you did not, run a pc on
something like "Give me that hand" until the pc said something like "Gee, I
can do that!" or "I just realized that I didn't wash my hands after going to
the bathroom," since you might have been CS'd to audit that particular pc for
25 hours of "Give me that hand," or 12 +1/2.  And hopefully, if a pc happened
to be 6'3", 250 pounds of pure muscle, you really didn't want to get into the
embarrassing position, as a Tone 40 suditor, of being unable to get ahold of
your pc's hand as the hours fled by.  Or worse yet, have the pc put you on
the floor and sit on you -- or run out of the auditing room and down the
street to their apartment, which you were then expected to get into and
either finish the session there, or, if you were really good, bring the pc
back to the org and finish the session there.

      Now you could argue about whether it was overrun, lack of 2-way comm,
inability of the pc to cognite that he could do anything forever (that was a
nice L-11 cognition), or simply that there was a lot of bad control on the
case that was in the process of running out over your dead body -- but
enough!  In my best remembrances then, becoming a Tone 40 auditor was the key
ability, and the thing that would produce Homo novis, as a result of that

      Perhaps in the not-too-distant future I'll have more memories to report
on said course, but failing that, I may just make up or invent the whole
course, which might prove to be more interesting and instructive than the
original. Meantime, I can't end this without once again telling Lars Peter
how great I think his poetry and postings are, and how really and truly
illuminating his commentary is.

       All the best,