The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

$cience,the 20th Century Religion,part 41
by Phil Spickler
12 Oct 00

            Good morning,

The skies have cleared,and its one of those extra pretty days

 that follow a storm.    There came a knocking at my

chamber door and when I opened said  door there were four Scientists

standing there, all wearing big smiles and looking very

friendly. You may well ask ,how did I know they were Scientists ?????

Well I'll tell you. Two were wearing those white

Lab coats ,with little splotchs of blood here and there just to

lend authenticity, and the other two had those very impress-

-ive plastic coated badges , that said in bold letters SLAC!!!

Ye gods ,Stanford Linear Accellerator !!!!! Well to make along

story short this group of Phd's were visiting me to see if

I'd like to accept Science into my heart and become a born

again Scientist, I said "do you mean a Christian Scientist"?

The answer was no . This group represents an organization

World Wide , who are seeking to get Science officially

recognized as a Religion.....Wow... I instantly realized here

was group that would certainly lend great credibility to

 my notion thet $cience had truly bcome a religion in the 20th

century. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          (I guess this'll show Tom Fielder a thing or two)

To synopsize their position in just few words ( since brevity

is the soul of wit) :    Science is the study of creation. By

inference it maybe assumed that there is a creator. The

Scientist seeks to find and reveal the glories of Creation

that are not available to the grosser senses,thus we have

through Science ....Revalation leading to a respect for ,an

awe, an appreciation for ,even a belief in the Creator.

In this sense Scientists are the intermediarries between the

Creator, Creation and our selves ,and thus form the Priest-

hood of a great and powerfull relgion.

                     More to follow on this theme .

                          Yours in the Name of Science