The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

$cience: The 20th Century Religion
by Phil Spickler
25 Sep 00

     Well, for gosh sakes!  There have been so many particles flying around
the IVy subscribers list, even non-particles -- why, leaping leptons!  it's
gotten so bad that I've done the impossible and had several neutrinos
recently pass through my body's space as though my body wasn't even there.
And we've got all kinds of photons and gosh knows what bombarding the pages
of the subscribers list; we've even got some things like a full quanta of
quantum theories, and let us not be uncertain about the Principle of
Uncertainty.  There have been several discussions about light, its velocity
and non-velocity, and to further complicate matters, some of our list
scientists, who should properly be called priests of the Church of $cience,
have, from paragraph to paragraph, been jumping from Newton to Einstein and
back again.  So I guess time travel really is possible, as well as
simultaneity, not to speak of infinite velocities descending to the speed of
light; and of course what discussion could be complete without mentioning
that noble faster-than-light particle the tachyon?

       Ah yes -- well, let's face it: the Church of $cience is just another
name for nothing much to lose, or could be stated as the Church of Material
Sciences.  There's a lot of super-scientific type folks who hang around where
I live these days, and over the years I've gotten a chance to know a fair
number of them; even have had the distinction of auditing a number of such
people, and as a subset of local thetans I don't think I'm over-generalizing
when I say that chaps who are heavily involved in particle physics have some
interesting, and sometimes difficult, case problems to deal with.

       Now I'm talking about some of the real priests of the Church of
$cience, chaps of Nobel Prize stature or thereabouts.  But I think in this
3-part article, of which this is the first part, concerning this Church of
$cience, its priests, its high priests, its temples, and the large number of
adherents that it has gained, particularly in the 20th century coincidentally
with the death of metaphysics, we shall have a lot of fun and generate a lot
of interest and perhaps get a somewhat larger understanding of the scientific
thetan's case.

      Before concluding this part, I think it's well to note that Western
science, which has been the largest, most successful, and the most virulent,
pernicious, amoral, immoral, unethical branch of the scientific church yet to
be observed, is probably the one that I hope to concentrate on the most.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I know, look at all the wondrous and amazing things
that you can say science has given us.  But that particular sword has another
side to its blade, and if you look at that side of the blade you will see
that it has also provided us with the means for damaging and destroying human
beings by the hundreds of millions.  It (science) is largely responsible for
the current unchecked overgrowth of population here on planet Earth; it is in
the main responsible for the awesome worldwide pollution of land, air, and
sea; and has, while promising to save the world, like every other cuckoo
religion, put into place time bombs that will yet see the end to human life
on this planet once they explode.

       So yes to all you would-be or current priests of this Church called
$cience.  I intend to take up the side of the coin called the negative or the
other side of the coin, not the one that goes around blissfully promoting the
church while exhibiting and encouraging denial of the amazing time track of
harm and destruction that the priests of this church have brought to the
innocents of this earth.

      I even think the IVy list has been somewhat discouraging lately, in
that the scientific chaps that have been rapping back and forth have a great
deal of difficulty in extending simple acknowledgment and appreciation to
each other for taking the time to communicate, but are in the main, like so
many of the unhappy folks of Academia, simply trying to make points in the
"Look who's right -- look who's wrong" game.  I take my hat off to Ron Blouch
for admitting his condition and determining to improve it, although I would
have to say what he did suggests that he's actually in pretty darn good shape.

      Anyway, when this series is finished I hope that the outcome will be a
balanced view of science and its history, and perhaps, just as we do with
Scientology, expose the blindness, the hypnosis, and the brainwashing that is
to be found in that church also.  I'll see you again soon with Installment 2
      As ever,