The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

Rudimentarily speaking
by Phil Spickler
13 Apr 1999

Hello, anyone!

Just a little more (I hope) on the subject of rudiments.

Back in days of yore, when armed only with an E-meter and a
consideration that it was absolutely OK for anything to happen in an
auditing  session, there was a little procedure using rudiments that
sometimes (I  should say often) led to such extraordinary results
that it was rarely CS'd,  lest the person not want any more auditing
for the longest time.  It went something like this: Fly each rudiment
on four flows, starting with the 1st dynamic and going all the way
through to the 8th.

In my experience it was rare that anyone could stay in the chair long
enough to get to the 8th dynamic.  Most folks who had never conceived
of having all the ruds flown on the *2nd* dynamic, and on four flows,
upon achieving that result would generally require help in order to
find their body long enough to get it out of the auditing room to
somewhere where they could spend the next however-long enjoying a
bliss that surpasseth all expectation.

Nowadays of course, if one extended this to F/Ning anyone that showed
up while you were doing it, there's no telling how big the radius of
free theta might extend, or how many lives might be repaired in the

Well, it's really not surprising when you recall that, in so doing,
you are restoring the component parts of theta to a very high state
indeed, not to speak of creating -- that's right, and I'm using that
word deliberately --  creating more pure theta.

Well, on that dreamy note, I shall retire to my straitjacket and
padded cell, and with the permission of my keepers, I hope to see you

All the best,