The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

Repairing Life
by Phil Spickler
24 Nov 98

Greetings to my fellow IVy-listers!

It has recently come to my somewhat strangled attention that Ant
(also known as List-Master) had requested, 100 million years ago,
that some articles on the subject of Life Repair would be most
welcome to the IVy list and/or IVy the Magazine.  Since Ant is held
in very high regard, with a touch of awe and reverence, it doth
behoove me in this millennium to respond to his request with the
following awkwardly constructed few words.

For purposes of this drop in the bucket, and since IVy is concerned
with all that is Scientology in its best form, Life will be defined
as the 8 dynamics.  There are a multitude of sources from which
anyone can obtain the definitions of the individual dynamics -- this
is to be encouraged; and with the help of any number of dictionaries,
defining "repair" should pose no great problem.

Back in the dim recesses of non-existent time, say the early 1950's,
when all we had to go on was good old Dianetics, Life Repair might
have looked something like the following: taking a pretty good look
at the fellow human being lying down before you (that's right! in
those days, the pc lay his or her body on some sort of bed or couch
or sofa or whatever sort of horizontal surface was fairly comfortable
in order to receive the Book I, SOP 1, brand of auditing), you'd
probably want to familiarize this chap with the type of auditing you
were going to be doing by getting the pc to locate a pleasure moment
and just tell you about it.  And you'd want to keep doing that until
said pc could locate and recall pleasure moments all over this
lifetime.  If you could get this going pretty well, you could
familiarize him with the idea of re-experiencing, to a greater or
lesser degree, a pleasure moment.  And if the pc could do this, you'd
keep running pleasure moments in the session, and perhaps for the
next two or three sessions, until he was recovering all the life and
livingness and happiness and survival contained in such moments.

This procedure alone could go a long way with anybody then or now, at
any case level, toward repairing a life.  Yes, all the way from a
super-OT to the man on the street (assuming there is a difference),
you can't go wrong running pleasure moments.  It's not only a lot of
fun, you really can't miss.

When the guy had recovered quite a bit of that which we will call
free theta, and was having a hard time keeping a big grin off his
face, you might, at some later date, if the chap expressed an
interest in more of this stuff, introduce a procedure called lock
scanning.  This was also a great diagnostic tool, since it would give
you a good opportunity to see just how much free theta this
particular pc could hang onto.  Here we are going now from pleasure
moments to the lightest form (hopefully) of unpleasant moments.  And
having determined that the pc had a chain or a history of a
particular type of unpleasant moment, you could proceed to locate the
earliest available of such moments and have him scan through all
similar such moments right up to present time.  And if you and the pc
knew what you were doing, you could get a lot of charge off the case,
get the "nonexistent" time track operating in a workable fashion,
open up a lot of memory, and raise his confront of experiencing key-
ins (locks, if you will) of unpleasant moments.  As you probably
already know, you can lock scan anything, literally, including
pleasure moments.

But anyway, the way that this pc lock scanned would give you some
idea of how heavy a gradient of auditing you should present.  So if,
for example, the time the teacher called on him for an answer when he
wasn't prepared runs like a very heavy engram or with great grief and
shock (as in a secondary engram), you probably don't even want to run
this guy on lock scanning.  It's back to lots of pleasure moments and
a lot of straight memory stuff, "recall" rather than "returning," and
if they had come into existence, using the recall lists in their
lightest form in the book called _Self Analysis_.  And by gradiently
getting off enough charge and building a strong base of
unenturbulated free theta, you could fair and truly repair this
person's life to the point where you'd have a pretty pleasant grade
of release on your hands, with quite a bit of the chronic secondary
engrams and engrams keyed out so that at some future time this guy
would be in a great position to run the heavyweights called secondary
engrams and real gosh-awful engrams, the kind with pain and
unconsciousness in them.

Since brevity is the soul of wit, let us consider this as an early
remembrance of the notion of Life Repair, even though it certainly
wasn't called that in 1952, and in Part 2 we shall move on to the
larger vehicle (in this case called Scientology) and the marvels that
became possible using the techniques available to once again produce
a cheerful, keyed-out person who would be happy to tell you that they
felt wonderfully and amazingly different and better about their life,
and as Ant has suggested, what a nifty and wonderful thing this would
be to bring to our fellow human beings.

With highest regards to my fellow listers,