The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

Re-opening of Service Fac contest
by Phil Spickler
14 Jun 00

Dear List, (I couldn't resist)
      Yes, yes, for days now I've been sorely tempted to open my big mouth
and be a part of the very interesting communications that have been flying
back and forth concerning Peak or Ascension Experiences and A View of
Auditing.  Well, both these worthy subjects have developed quite a bit of
traffic (no tongue in cheek), and IVy-su stats are in a good and healthy
condition, thanks to 3 or 4 people, or maybe 5, who really have something to

       I couldn't help noticing that on one or more occasions some of the
finest Service Facsimiles this or any other list will ever see have been very
gracefully placed in full view of the entire list, without the slightest
touch of embarrassment on the part of their authors.  This, from folks who
never entered the original Service Fac contest that I proposed to the list
some months ago.  The winning entries in the earlier Service Fac contest
would certainly find themselves up against some tough competition from some
of the ones that I've seen presented recently by various identities and
entities who evidently had no recognition of what gems they were presenting
in this interesting, if somewhat aberrated, area.

        A Service Facsimile, just as a gentle reminder to those that have
never heard of them or who wouldn't know how to recognize one even if it came
bouncing down the street in a gorilla costume, is what an entity or identity
or something uses to make itself right and another or others wrong.  It (a
Service Facsimile) is also used to dominate others while escaping domination
oneself, and finally to aid one's own survival while hindering the survival
of others . . . need I say more?

      In any event, I'm collecting these gems on behalf of their authors, and
hope (once the volume of Service Facsimiles dies down) to soon present some
new winners.  I can only say "Thank you" to those who have so generously
contributed to this area, and my plan is to see that you are well
acknowledged and rewarded in (hopefully) the not-too-distant future.

      In the meantime, to all those that are currently issuing Service
Facsimiles, please keep them coming, remembering that the very best few are
in for some pretty nice prizes.

       I'll close in eager anticipation of an exciting contest -- As ever,