The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

Poetry in motion
by Phil Spickler
10 Aug 00

A cute little thetan once said,
"Don't know if I'm alive or I'm dead --
    I'm supposed to be
    Spiritually free,
But instead I'm mixed up in a head."

"Don't talk of love burning inside,
 Don't talk of love -- show me!"
----Eliza Doolittle, _My Fair Lady_

    If anybody on this here list has a few minutes (or hours, as the case may
be), here's a great reality-teaser:: get yourself a nice fairly good-sized
lump of clay, the kind I hope you used to play with when and if you were a
kid, sit down in some nice quiet place, perhaps have a cuppa or something
like that nearby, gaze for awhile at something like a flower or a bedpost or
whatever's near at hand without thinking about it, then grab that lump of
clay and determine that you're going to do a clay demo -- in fact, you might
do a few clay demos.  Just to get back into practice, do a clay demo of a
pleasure moment.  You could even do one of an engram, or even a couple of
opposed goals, or perhaps, if you're really adventurous, primal polarities.
Anyway, when you've recovered or gained the hang of how to do a clay demo
(and these should be done with either none or very few labels, since the
idea's to be non-verbal), now comes the real challenge: clay demo Static, as
defined in Axiom 1 of Scientology.  You may get this one very quickly, or it
may take you quite awhile, but that's OK; just keep working on it until
you're happy you've done it in clay.

      You could also do some lesser exercises, such as Thetan, Spiritual
Being, "I," etc. etc., and see what comes out.  Naturally, in the process of
doing this, words and symbolizing in the abstract should start dropping away,
and with the help of the clay and its all-obliterated tongue, you should get
a chance to do some real looking while keeping your havingness up.  Plus:
that clay could give you a wonderful opportunity to see where significance
comes from.

        I could go on and on, but I don't want to give the whole thing away.
Have fun, and if you feel like it and want to generate some real interest on
the list, write in and describe your experiences that you had while doing
clay demos.

      I could exempt all former St. Hillers who were at St. Hill during the
era of Clay Table Healing, but even these old-timers could get quite a kick
out of mushing some clay around instead of words.

       As ever,
         The Thetan-tickler