The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

La piece de resistance
by Phil Spickler
4 Apr 2001

      Bon jour et comment trouvez-vous les francaises?  Bon, et aujourd'hui,
maintenant -- at this point I shall revert to my native tongue, Bantu -- just
kidding!  I really speak best Pidgin, or broken, English.

        Anyhow, that guy I used to love so well, who I now love to hate, or
hate to love, yes, yes, none other than Lafayette Ronald Hubbard -- you know,
it's a darn funny thing, but when and if Ron wrote Hymn of Asia, he wisely
pointed out that whether nice things were said about him or not-nice, they
were all a form of acknowledgment.  But later on, when his universe was
finally eclipsed and taken over by some leftover valences from Napoleon and
Benito Mussolini, plus a few of those very touchy Russian-emperor valences,
he got to the point where nobody could say anything about him unless it was

        But lest I digress, which I already have, let me come to the point
that I think Ray of Krenik has made and continues to make, which is to say,
or as we say in francais, c'est a dire, "What you resist you become."

        Well, you don't have to take that as an absolute, but there's sure a
lot of relative truth in that statement, and you can  in auditing see that
people's lives are filled with things that they became after they resistsed
them and resisted them and resisted them and resisted them, and they never
won, they just kept resisting, and eventually assumed (gradiently) the
valence of that which they were resisting.  It might be said that that
aphorism about resistance is the basic-basic on GPM tech, theory -- it
certainly has to do with ACW's Codes, and (forgive me if I'm wrong) but I
believe certainly has something to do with Zivorad's Primal Polarities, and
when the aforementioned catch up with me, they will then hear my primal
scream, which was another therapy which came to California.   (California is
that state to which eventually all things come; some remain, and some go, but
if it's any kind of -ology or -ism, you'll either find it or traces of it
somewhere in this great state.)

         Now then, once you know that resistance, especially over a period of
time -- in fact resistance is a basic way of creating time -- but once you
know that, it's possible to wage war with something endlessly without having
to become it, but you have to remind yourself every so often that resistance
CAN lead to becoming. I personally, the ego Phil, on this list, for some time
now, and at different times, have attempted to encourage folks to not define
themselves by their hatred of the Church of Scientology and its founder L.
Ron Hubbard, since, as Ray of Krenik attempted to point out, keeping that
sort of thing going for years may or may not do much to the C of S and Ron,
but it's sure to warp your own soul, and in my experience is a great way to
find yourself possessed of severe illness.

      In fact, if you go into areas of severe illness among your clients,
patients, pcs, or just the man on the street, it is very common to find as
you communicate into such areas that they are filled with hostile forces
engaged in long-term efforts and intentions to cause harm.  If you're good at
handling entities, BTs, clusters, groups of consciousnesses, monads, ghosts,
spirits, demons, etc. etc. etc., in which you help these folks to separate
out, differentiate themselves, and find out who they were before they became
____ and all that sort of stuff, you can really work miracles of physical,
mental, and spiritual healing if you wish to spend some of your time in such
trivial pursuits.

        I'm currently working on just the opposite track, but lest I shock
anybody who mistakenly thinks I'm trying to be a nice guy, I'll put that in a
different posting, and under a different name.  Anyway, I hope this small
piece serves as an acknowledgment for something that I feel Ray of Krenik
attempted to communicate, and possibly did successfully, regarding remaining
in a resistive condition to the Church of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.

       But enough!  I for one have recently been enjoying the postings that
have been coming through regarding resistance, and thus felt inspired to post
this poor prose to our noble list.  I remain stochastically yours,