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Picking up the pieces
by Phil Spickler
7 Aug 99

Dear Fellow POW's, or whatever you may be being at this fine moment -- te
morituri salutamus, (if Latin is Greek to you, that means "We who are about
to  die salute you" -- or who will eventually die).  And furthermore, since
Life is in you today and you make your own tomorrows, or at least you should
be, to some degree: not to worry about all this prose, deathly and otherwise.

       The "Lazarus effect," or the bringing of the dead back to life,
actually or metaphorically, is best found in the information regarding Failed
Purposes or Stops, which have probably gradiently killed more people than all
the bullets and bombs that have ever been fired in this world's history.  And
yes, such is the power of un-failing or un-sticking purpose in a person's
life that it is the stuff of miracles.  I have it on very good authority that
the one known as Jesus (Greek, or to give him his correct Hebraic name,
Joshua ben Joseph) did go over to the apparently dead body of Lazarus and
used his marvelous perception to spot the completely failed and utterly
destroyed purpose that had preceded Lazarus' death, and simply whispered to
the soul that was still quite near that body, with of course Tone 40
intention, the most powerful words to be known in any universe at any time:
"There are no stops!"
Within moments, Lazarus arose and carried on with all the health and vitality
that comes with the restoration of all the life force that can be restored
when a purpose is un-failed.

        Now one of the reasons that people like me, and others age and get
old and become predisposed to illness can be found in just this area --
namely, the area of purpose, and the stops or failures that eventually blunt
or completely bring an end to all further pursuit.  There seem to be, in the
lives of most of us, at least a few key purposes of this sort that contain
much of the reason for wishing to live, to last, to carry on, to go forth,
and of course Life in the form of other folks and the game itself can cause
us, at different moments in time, to "bognate" or reach considerations that
cause us to feel, in one or more areas of purpose, that we can no longer go
forth, continue.  And when such considerations are formed, (and we should be
sure to take responsibility for forming such considerations), the will to
live and to continue is diminished.

       This is not meant to be a dissertation on GPM technology, although
there may be some facets of that that are applicable here, but just simply
the tech of locating something in a person's life that they once considered
was very important to achieve or aim for, and by using 2-way comm, the simple
basics of auditing, revitalize or revivify that purpose, and watch the
person's life and health and livingness take off with renewed vigor.  This is
possibly true for people of any age, but particularly the case in people who
are aging, getting old, and are suffering from illness.

       Many years ago, it was fashionable to run out the losses and shocks
of emotional nature in a person's life, like the death of a loved one or
loved ones (this could be people, pets of all sorts, a tree, literally almost
anything on any dynamic that had become part of a person's life -- a stable
datum, if you will --), well, such losses could and did visibly reduce the
life, the liveliness, the tone level of a person so afflicted.  If you could
and did successfully run a major secondary on someone, they would almost
immediately look years younger after the session, and whether they were
looking in a mirror themselves, or friends, perhaps family, viewing them,
would comment on how they seemed to have most suddenly become quite
young-looking and quite filled with vitality.

      Now failed purposes often tie in very closely with the major losses
that we are all heir to in this lifetime, and I think it's sufficient to say
that if you are dealing with a case of any older person, you would do great
good for them to discover and relieve any areas of loss that have become a
chronic part of their resignation to the conditions of Life.

     Just to mention purposes, failed or otherwise, is to mention one of the
hottest processes of the early 60's, namely, doing a 20-button Prepcheck on
the subject of Purpose, not to be continued past the first giant win that the
person comes to, which could, as you know, occur on the first Prepcheck

    I hear someone asking, "What about entities and failed purposes?"
Darned good question! -- and one that would be very important to take into
account if you like auditing to produce extraordinary wins.  It's also a
marvelous thing to do with older OTs, who in some cases have gotten pretty
solid, to reinvigorate the composite by "surgically" cutting out and fixing
up any entities or valences (please don't call them "spiritual teammates,"
because it's too evaluative), and fix these chaps up in terms of failed
purposes and losses.  That will, and quickly, make your elder OT feel like a
spring chicken, and here I don't really mean "spring chicken"  -- that's just
a figure of speech, and we don't want you leaving your client in the valence
of a chicken, spring or otherwise, unless it will visibly enhance his or her
future on the dynamics.

       As you can see, there's some pretty potent stuff that could be put
together to assist aging or aged OTs, and it would be possible to extend this
communique to such a distance that I might not be around long enough to
finish it.  Our hope is that this series may have jumpstarted some thought
and consideration in the direction of possibilities for OTs, pre-OTs and just
some of us plain folk.  All the information contained to date may be found
elsewhere, with the exception of a few sly bits of humor and other efforts to
sweeten the pill.

      Until later -- Phil
P.S.  I was supposed to mention abuse of food and alcohol in this piece, but
I got so busy doing both those activities that I clean forgot.    Best,  P.

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