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Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 00:37:34 EDT
Subject: IVySubs: When whippoorwills call . . . . a jackal laughs
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    Picking up EXACTLY where I left off is almost impossible, since my tally
sheet indicates that there are at least 5 or 6 different themes that I've
been writing about, and each of them ended with something like "Please stay
tuned for Part the Second," or whatever, and so now I've got all these
incomplete cycles.  But this does not worry anyone.  Since I possess secret
information that a cycle of action is alone determined by consideration, or
not, I rest easy at night, thinking of more things I'd like to write about,
and perhaps leave the completion of such writings to my readers (both of
them) to imagine.  I think that would be called "being proactive" in today's

    Well, more than anything, I really wanted to extend high marks to Martin
Foster for his posting entitled "Non-member status."  I do think a careful
reading of Martin's posting will not fail to reveal the irony, the humor, the
insight, that his words carry.  I don't think anyone should worry that in any
way, shape, or form, Martin is giving too much attention or validation to
that poor old kindly little Church in the Dell of Scientology.  Anyhow, thank
you, Martin, for writing so well that just a small tinge of green envy
occasionally crosses my formerly-handsome features, as I absorb your
deathless prose.

    For better or for worse, I have laid some small claim to being the IVy
list's essayist; but I don't know how much longer I can keep this up, and I'm
always hoping that someone will show signs, at some point in time, say in the
next three or four centuries, of liking to take a crack at the hat.  I've
been justly and roundly criticized by a number of people throughout my
five-odd (there's that "odd" again) years of writing to and for the list for
being too bloody long-winded; but, as you can well imagine, I've never let
such criticism bother anyone, even for a moment, because I LIKE, nay LOVE,
what I'm doing; and since almost all computers have a "Delete" button, others
will come to no great harm from my long-windedness.

    I had it in mind tonight to give a report to my fellow listers regarding
the outcome of an experiment using Solo Nude TRs.  I think a few people, when
they read my first outpouring regarding this technology, thought it was
funny.  I must confess, I was one of the people who did think it was funny.
One person, who shall go unnamed, dared to insinuate that I was using that
humor because I had a very low confront, or no confront, regarding bodies or
nudity or something like that.  Anyway, that comment, which was indirectly
directed to me, did not indicate to someone, or I probably wouldn't be
mentioning it now.

    But anyhow, that's what I love about the IVy list, that folks, in spite
of receiving information every month about not evaluating for each other or
C/Sing each other's cases in an unsolicited manner, sometimes, when they get
overexcited, just go ahead and do it anyway, which is very common on other,
more explosively unpleasant, lists; but is actually mildly frowned upon on
the IVy list.

    Anyhow, Solo Nude TRs turns out to be, according to the information that
I've been able to gather from a sampling of 100 of my most interesting
valences, something from which quite a bit can be gained by doing that
particular activity.  Now as you know, the TRs, at least Zero to Four --
well, let's just take TR-0 for a moment: that was named by L. Ron Hubbard,
"Confronting."  And the idea is to improve the ability to be there and to
face something or someone without flinching, without going out of present
time, without getting all restimulated, without doing anything, automatically
or unconsciously or otherwise.  It just means being there, without
embarrassment or nervousness, etc. etc. etc. -- just being able and willing
to be there.  And you can underline this next part: doing nothing!  That's
right: nothing.  Boy oh boy oh boy -- talk about a short course in mastering
za-zen: one of the centerpieces of Zen, or Zen Buddhism, translated as
"sitting meditation.."  Eventually, if you really "get with" what za-zen is
all about, you'll eventually just be sitting there, doing nothing.  Not
striving for satori, not seeking great insights or understandings regarding
the person that's known as the Buddha, not remembering that you left your
lights on in the car when you entered the zendo to do za-zen, just sitting
there doing nothing, in other words having the mind of the beginner, an empty
mind, not a mind that is so filled . . . .  well, I'm sure you get the idea
of no-idea.

    Therefore, taking TR-0 and applying it to Solo Nude Confronting, which
you can and should do with a fairly good-sized mirror: you can sit in front
of the mirror, you can stand in front of the mirror, you can sit in a chair,
and of course your body must have no clothing at all.  And you could do a
session of this 'til you got some sort of change or felt good about it or had
a moment or two when you were just being there, doing nothing; then you can
put on your clothes or whatever and get on with life.

    When you're doing Solo Nude TR-0, you can assume any number of physical
positions in front of the mirror -- I'll leave that to your imagination.
Remember, the purpose of TR-0 has to do with confronting, and you're
confronting a body, and as you do this drill, you can expect quite a bit of
stuff to possibly come up that will take you off just being there, doing
nothing.  But when that happens, just notice it, don't give you or anyone
else a "Flunk"  -- that is quite unnecessary -- just notice it, acknowledge
it, and then get back to being there.

    This drill has no purpose connected with it beyond increasing your
ability and willingness to confront a body.  It might improve your sex life,
but that is not what it's aimed at.  In fact, there's quite a large list of
things that could be improved by doing it, but they will all result from your
ability to be there, doing nothing but confronting.  How good can you get at
doing this drill?  Well, lest I sow the seeds of anticipated results, I'll
just say that the sky's the limit.

    Thank you -- that's all for tonight.  There's more, of course, to be said
about just how to do or apply the TRs, Solo, Nude.  I'm sure a number of
folks on the list are probably way ahead of me on such possibilities, and
perhaps would care to comment.  Good night, and sweet dreams.

P.S.  Hint, hint -- given what bodies are made of, really and truly
confronting one will probably complete at least two or three OT sections.

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