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More phoenixes from further ashes
by Phil Spickler
1 Nov 00

       Having heard from Ray Krenick, who I hereby entitle "Eloquent Ray," or
"Krenick the Eloquent," I feel it is safe to proceed with the remains of the

       Yes, the Hubbard of Phoenix days, along there in the 1950's, was one
of my favorite Hubbards -- a rather jovial guy with a booming voice, funny of
laughter and wonderfully capricious volatility to go with a cowboy hat and
the wild motorcycle rides across the desert dunes.  An easily accessible Ron,
who liked to play, and traveled around the tone scale as though he truly
invented it rather than simply describing it.  I maintain, yes, I fully
assert that there really were emotional tones before L. Ron Hubbard described
them.  I even maintain that there was a dib and a dab of gravity here and
there before Sir Isaac Newton started thinking about whether the apple was
falling to earth, or was the earth rising to meet the apple (I may have
jumped the gun a little bit and gotten into some of Einstein's thoughts.)

        But nonetheless, onward.  In at least one of the lectures of the
Phoenix period, I believe something was said about the Tone Scale of that
time and communication; and I still think it's fun to take note of the tone
level of a communicating being or human being, as well as the tone level of
the communication they're delivering.

       It's also, at the risk of boring you, fun to take note of the tone
level of the person or being that's receiving communication.  I know it
sounds childishly simple, and that everyone has had this idea wired for the
last 8 godillion years, but any weakness in this area usually results in some
strange permutations of that which we refer to as ARC, and often provides a
reason for, and underscore that phenomenon known as the old ARC break.

       If I were writing my (who else's?) autobiography, or perhaps better
stated as *an* autobiography, I would at some point bring into being someone
else who was asking me about my life, and I'd have them ask me for some of
the largest benefits that I derived during my presence in the game that L.
Ron Hubbard created.  And one of the biggest of all would be the opportunity
to associate with folks from many of the places here on Earth who were all
interested in becoming better able to communicate.  What a grand pleasure to
have so many folks with that as a common ideal!  And what a tremendous sense
it provided at the spiritual level of really getting a big payoff for
existing, and knowing how to pay off others in the same coin of the realm.

        Yes, there were a lot of other benefits in both training and
auditing.  Some of them were downright spectacular; but the one concerning
good or great communication and how to generate it for yourself and others
remains to this day something that seems (at least to this writer) quite
imperishable --  an ability once regained, or gained, that could last forever
without diminishment, perhaps.

       Thanks for listening.  All the very best to any and all,
        As ever and never,