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More Loose Ends
by Phil Spickler
21 June 1998

 ("Axiom 20. Bringing the static to view as-is...")

Dear Fellow Subscribers,

With your kind forbearance, please allow me to attempt the tying up
of some ends that I may have further loosened in my last communique.
In response to some questions and points that Roy of IGT was kind
enough to send my way, I shall hold forth, hopefully at not too great
a length.

In the earliest days of Dianetics, for a relatively brief period, its
founder, L. Ron Hubbard, encouraged Dianetic practitioners to
experiment, to test, to try out different possibilities or
improvements in that which was called SOP 1 -- Standard Operating
Procedure 1.  This period had folks all over the United States and in
other parts of the world quite excited and happy to be part of a
heuristic movement, and the newsletters and other forms of
communication about what was going on and what worked and what didn't
seem to work and breakthroughs were flying back and forth with a
degree of dispatch that seemed to exceed the possibilities of that
time.  Not only were there techniques for running incidents in which
the pc could address the incident through the viewpoint of any number
of personalities in said incident, both animate and inanimate, but
also such techniques as having the person run the incident at varying
speeds, and also running incidents and the track in reverse, just to
name a few of the possibilities.  A.L. Kitselman, a 1950 Dianeticist
of Hawaii, invented a technique which came to be called E-Therapy, or
Examiner Therapy, which if my memory serves me correctly utilized the
File Clerk function to completely run the whole case to Clear or
better with practically zero interference by anybody called
"Auditor." I had a chance, during this halcyon period, to witness and
use quite a number of these possibilities and to see the astonishing
results that came from their use. Somewhere up the line it was
discovered that if you really wanted to get serious about running out
everything that came under the heading of the guy's case, it just
wasn't going to happen -- there weren't enough centuries to run all
of those real or imagined incidents, and at some point he'd end up
with no body, since the body is composed of all those interesting
efforts and counter- efforts that make up the genetic time track.
But what you could do, if you didn't do it for too long, was get
someone to a much higher point of willing and knowing cause over
pain, unconsciousness, and the other elements of life to be found in
the mind.  And that was a pretty nice place to get to.  If you went
past that, or some of the other big possibilities that might occur
along the way, it was possible for things to get pretty solid again.

Meanwhile, in these various forms of auditing, it would have been
considered a gigantic No-No to tell the pc what the content of his
reactive mind (or case) was.  The idea was to create a setting
whereby the guy, with the help of his own mind, could find and run
exactly what he needed to find and run in order to end up at a state
of Clear or better.  Later on, Mr. Hubbard, and I guess those that
followed him, got into the practice of doing various things inside
their own cases and then concluded that he had discovered some
universal that applied to everybody, which now must be cloaked in
great secrecy and carefully marketed at great expense with some name
attached to it like OT-this or OT-that or 10-Goal Clear or any number
of labels that lurk just behind the dollar signs.  Given the
inventive and imaginative possibilities and qualities of theta, it
was getting to the point that if Ron had said you'd be able to walk
your body through a brick wall by simply eating 10 pounds of carrots
a day, followed by remembering toilet training on four flows, it's
quite possible that a few people might have gotten at least some
portion of their body through a brick wall, even if somewhat
bloodied.  I still strongly hold to the idea that that which we used
to call auditing should be based on that, and only that, which the
preclear (or whatever you want to call the poor devil these days) can
find and look at, rather than having a succession of people calling
themselves trailblazers or pathfinders or saints or prophets or gurus
who will go ahead of the rest of us poor souls and, putting their
lives and minds and souls at great risk, find some great truth about
the terrible things that have been done to us and are currently being
done to us and will, if the proper protocols are met, allow some of
this great wisdom to sift down to us poor victims.  I don't think
folks with the mind to do this sort of thing would have done very
well back in the early days of Dianetics.  Folks in those days were
claiming their own minds and helping others to do the same.  So what
did I mean by a Flow-1 Festival?  In short, as you know, Flow 1 is
the motivator flow, where it got done to you, and generally speaking
that's what implants are all about: getting implanted.  So it's Flow
1, and a motivator.  About the best thing you can do with implants,
if you find any, for yourself, not for others, is to just run enough
of them, like you would engrams, until you get extroverted about the
whole idea and no longer find it serious, and hopefully even get
high-toned enough to laugh about it, and then get off the subject of
implants. If you stay with it, 28 is too small a number -- there's
probably more like 280 million.  But that's somebody else's problem
anyway.  If you do find that you were an implanter, or someone using
your name was, that's also very good -- that's called Flow 2, and
we're sure the other flows will be available also.  Hurrah for all of

Ron in the end distanced himself from the possibility of having any
terminals of comparable magnitude and ended up in the unenviable
position of being an only-one, which is another name for being nuts,
and unfortunately, left that sad nutty image imprinted on the
organization and the poor souls that were tapped to carry on.  When
you end up with a 50-page enemy list, it could take awhile to find
out where all your marbles got scattered to.  Thanks for listening --
please whack me soundly on the other flow.

All the best,