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Subject: IVySubs: MESTics and Mystics
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Dear fellow members of the IVy Subscribers List,

  I'm sure that the title of this posting has already caused some people,
who shall go unnamed, to anticipate, nay, even KNOW, what I'm about to say.  
And that's a large part of the fun of being a member of this illustrious

  It's very easy, in my opinion, to get the impression that L. Ron Hubbard,
philosophically speaking, has generated a duality when he refers to theta and
MEST.  And so, over the years, many newly arrived in the subject of
Scientology have come to embrace this apparent duality, and think of both
theta and MEST as being separate and discrete, one the stuff of soul, spirit,
or consciousness, and the other in a sense its opposite: MEST, an acronym for
Matter, Energy, Space and Time.  Some folks have even concluded (could be a
bognition) that theta is good and MEST, particularly that bad old evil MEST
universe, is not good.

  Well, holding such ideas may be fun, possibly even profitable, especially
if you can get people interested in or excited by the idea that there is a
way to escape from the trap of MEST, and that for the small sum of your life
savings and an extra mortgage on your house, spouse, and children, you can
buy this route which promises to take you to the questionable state of
Totally Free.

  But marketing and promotion that goes in that direction might tend to get
you thinking that MEST and the MEST universe are indeed very bad and that the
Theta Universe, the universe of theta, is very, very good.  And so we have
something that is similar, I blush to admit, to some other religions' notions
of Heaven and Hell.  Fortunately, the big secret about the apparent dualism
that may be thought to exist between theta and MEST actually sits right out
in the open, to be found by anyone who is willing and able to have a look at
Scientology Axioms, where we find the defining fundamentals of Scientology
and that which these Axioms seek to describe.

  So here's the axiom that abolishes duality and dualism once and for all,
and if you work on this axiom long enough to really understand it, will, I
promise you, make possible some big understanding, some big cognitions, etc.
etc.  The axiom simply states that Life is a game wherein Theta as the Static
solves the problems of Theta as MEST (Axiom 48).

  So now, right in front of your eyes in simple words, this axiom, or what
we hope will become a self-evident truth, makes it quite clear that what we
really have is a unity, not a duality.  It's all theta, and good old playful
theta, in order for there to be a game called Life, since it can mock itself
up in any form by simply so postulating, makes itself appear to be Matter,
Energy, Space, and Time.  And thus the interplay between theta and this
apparent different thing called MEST, which is really theta in disguise,
makes the big game called Life.

  I shall conclude this brief posting, lest we overrun the obvious, and
hope that, for those who find this a revelation, that you will spend some
time reorganizing your standard files and cleaning up the disinformation and
incorrect conclusions that one might be operating on in view of this axiom.  
And remember that the next time you're looking at the garbage dump or seeing
offal in the street, or some really horrible thing or person, what you're
really looking at is theta at play, pretending to be all these interesting
shapes and forms just so that the game can be possible.  'Cause as you
already know, if all theta was just being Static, which it really is when
not pretending to be something else, there wouldn't be anything -- and by
gosh, that is no fun at all.  If you don't believe me, try it.  Just hike
yourself back to the Static before it emanated anything, when it wasn't being
anything, and you just see if that's any fun at all, and let us know.

  Good night --
P.S.  Just a reminder: according to Mr. Hubbard, all games are aberrative.  
Some are fun.

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Editor's note:  I have got permission to include one of the comments on the
above letter:
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Subject: IVySubs: mestics and mystics
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Wonderful article Phil wrote and I totally agree with what he says. Our
universe is spiritual - all of it - even that clod of dirt has some form of

However there is a ongoing disagreement I have with most folks from the old
school and that is to become a pure static is boring, no fun, no game etc.

And while I am the first to agree that from our viewpoint of being surrounded
by mest, being without a game is seemingly the worst form of punishment.
depressing here!!.)

But some of you have already won at the game of acquiring all we wanted to
achieve in the game of the mest universe, we found physical love, we acquired
the toys we wanted and providing we can BE that mest and have it if we want it
(and not have weird considerations about how bad it is.) we have to a large
extent conquered it.

The next level of game then becomes 'How can I help raise those up to a higher
level of understanding?'

Thus we expand our spiritual horizons even further by helping others. That
will take some time!

But that game in time will finish and one can maybe assume we would have
reached the point of 'static' i.e. no game. The failing of those who perceive
this as a 'no game' are overlooking one point. It is completely and utterly
beyond our framework of thinking to perceive such a state other than from our
present reality. A thousand years ago nobody could have imagined the 21st
century as we have it now - it was beyond comprehension. So how can we
look at how life will be in a million or more years from our limited
reality of

It seems to many that this 'loss of game' by becoming a static is
threatening -
there will just be a new 'game' beyond our framework of thinking.
I rest my case :-)


PH. 01494 769017