The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

The Marquis of Queensbury rules
by Phil Spickler
19 Aug 99

Dear Fellow Communicants, or whatever each and every one would be pleased to
be addressed as:
      I (the generality for a collection of theta, entheta, MEST and enMEST)
should like to inform anyone willing to listen that someone (that's also
another name for "me") is extremely pleased with the volume and velocity,
yea, the momentum, of the current condition of the fabled IVy-subscribers
list.  And I wish to thank everyone, great and small, who is keeping the list

       Some time ago, as I am absolutely certain everyone will remember, "I"
wrote an article in a very early issue of IVy, I think it was sometime around
3000 years ago (maybe it was 4) -- all I remember is what a tremendous effort
it was getting those blocks into place in those bloody pyramids (talk about
symbols!).  Anyhow, in that article, I happened to mention that the Sun God
Ra, AKA L. Ron Hubbard, at a staff meeting attended by us pyramid builders,
AKA slaves, just happened to mention that "Clear" was no big deal, even
though it was a very popular idea with the public that were later to invest
extraordinary amounts of money in the one and only thing that can be truly
and permanently clear, namely calculators and computers, since they compute
faithfully and accurately every time, to the best of their ability, without
becoming misemotional, etc. etc.

      And he went on to say, "Although we sell Clear, what we really hope
for each and every person is OT."  A homespun definition of OT, meaning
Operating Thetan, or thetan operational, pretty much comes down to "What can
you do on each of the dynamics?", or "How operational are you on each of the
dynamics?  Are you like a broken-down wreck running on one or two cylinders,
or is all of your horsepower available, or at least a lot of it, and can you
direct and do things with it, and you don't have a lot of trouble selecting
the beingnesses that you wish to operate with, and of course Having is second
nature to you."  You can and routinely do create noticeable effects -- you
are operational.  Maybe the whole world knows your name.   Maybe even more
excitingly, absolutely no one knows your name.

      Anyway, I think you get the idea, plus you need to know that a person
can be an Operating Thetan with one foot in the grave.  Yes, they don't have
to be free of illness, psychomatic conditions, misemotion, in other words
they can be, by Clear standards, aberrated as hell -- but as effective as
you'd expect gods and goddesses to be.  Effective, effective, effective,
effective, effective -- that's the key word: they're not impotent, they're

      Now historically this gives us the standard for just how OT somebody
is.  Skip the business about "Can the guy read the _Wall Street Journal_ two
days before it's published, or he can tell you how much money you have in
your pocket" -- that stuff is all stage magic and has little to do with what
OT is all about.  An example of a real OT that all of us know pretty well on
this list is none other than Alan Walter.  You may love him, you may exalt
him, you may have gained tremendously from your association with him; you may
hate him, you may revile him, you may think he has insulted or assaulted your
most tender sensibilities, but like him or like him not, by product and
statistic and as a matter of fact, he has been and is one of the most
operational people you may ever know, and he is always and inevitably

      And his history, including the one that he is currently carving out,
is living and factual proof of that.  Alan is also the living embodiment of
the heurism or heuristic possibilities that Hubbard spoke about as being
possible, and has used everything, including Scientology, to create new
information, new knowledge, and new application.

     My own experience and knowledge of gigantic beings, both historic and
right up to the present moment, is that they all suffer from one common
malady, which is, how to find terminals of comparable magnitude that are not
enemies (GPM tech), because it's the lack of such terminals that can cause
even the greatest of greats to temporarily introvert.  Ron's life story is "I
want to make some terminals of comparable magnitude; however, if I see any
that are likely to become so, I'd better kill them before they kill me."  Sad
but true.

      Now the Internet seems to act as an institution in which nobody has to
pay any attention to the state or condition of a person that one might be
communicating to or about.  We are, in a sense, faceless, and no one has to
know Alan Walter's life story and grant him the beingness and the respect
that he so richly deserves, since he's the real thing: an OT.  Granted, like
myself, he's getting on to being an older OT, but the fire is still burning,
and if you think you can handle him without asbestos gloves you're making a
big mistake.

      Here and there, even on the IVy list, there are cranky banky folks who
derive a sense of beingness by being contentious -- that's the only way they
can tell they're alive.  And so we have minor firefights instead of drinking
the nectar of the gods.  Some will say that I'm recommending slavish
unthinking unmindful obedience and smarmy obsequiousness whenever Alan Walter
is present or speaking.  Not at all!  I simply highly recommend that you
apply the Enemy formula to yourself on the flow of "Find out who he really
is."  And if you wish to have an example of an OT in action that may help you
in your own existence, observe him well.

     If you apply some theoretical Clear standard to Alan, to Ron, or to any
other OT, historic or otherwise, you can enjoy the service fac of pointing
out that they're not perfect according to that standard.  But if you drop all
that horse malarkey by the side of the road, and re-interest yourself in what
you can be, do and have in this and other universes, your progress towards
your own full potential will be hastened.

     I'm sorry to have to remind anyone of this article, given its and my
age, but there it is; and you should know that just because I have said it,
it's absolutely true and beyond reproach, and that there isn't one thing in
it that anyone could possibly disagree with, or find fault with, or sneer at,
or prove wrong, or insinuate that Alan paid me to write it, or that I'm
hopelessly in a box that doesn't permit me to see the sheep or the alfalfa,
or that I could have possibly erred in any of my perceptions.

       This being the case, I bid you good evening from our current location
at 8000 feet in the Rockies (that's the Rocky Mountains, here in the USA),
and hope all you OTs out there keep the energy level of the list in the high
state it is in the process of achieving.  I salute you!  --  Phil