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La forza del destino
by Phil Spickler
17 Nov 00

Buon giorno, fellow listers --
       Please excuse my Italian (or is it Italiano, rather?) -- it's such a
beautiful language, it's no wonder that Italy is the land that gave us opera,
since spoken Italian has a tremendously musical quality to it.

     So let's talk about la forza del destino, or the force of destiny.  Or
better yet, let's just talk about force.  Sehlene, in her fine posting having
to do with Process and Beingness, spoke about not using force for a whole
year in an effort  (excuse the pun) to examine force and come to a greater
understanding about it.

        Ron Hubbard, in some of his earlier writings, spoke of this universe
of ours, the one called the MEST universe, as being a force universe, and
that those who couldn't confront force or become comfortable with its use
were destined (there's that word again) to not make their way through this
universe and out the other side.  And in fact, in the good old days, those
halcyon days in the last century (the 20th century, that is, the one we call
the 1900's -- you figure that out), as Evans Farber will well remember, one
of the hottest pieces of tech was to find out if the preclear had one or more
no-force universes or cases attached to him- or herself, and then either
separate said pc from those beingnesses or handle them in such a way that
they became able to create, confront, and use force or not, at will.

       Talk about case change!  Handling no-force universes was so dynamite
that the before-and-after profile was like night and day.  But anyway, after
reading Sehlene's post, someone started wondering what she meant by "not
using force at all, even regarding the minutiae of life, for a whole year."
Being rather thick in the head and possessed of a very small brain, I was and
still am having difficulty mocking up or imagining not using any force and at
the same time being able to get this body out of bed in the morning.  Is it
done by mirrors?  Or are we talking about action at a distance by postulate?
I'm hoping that if she reads this, she will define "force" as she's using it
in her posting, and if that doesn't clarify everything for me, tell me, if
it's possible to tell, how one does a whole day without any use of force.

       I know that force has gotten a bad name, since it's one of the
necessities, like it or not, in the playing of games here in this universe;
and that a lot of beings, spiritual and otherwise, have gotten pretty mucked
up, with the help of the overt-motivator sequence, on this subject, to the
point where some of them end up unable and unwilling to play any kind of
game, or even below that, have it all on suppress, hidden behind a
sweetness-and-light identity or beingness.

       Judith Methvan and Sehlene are having a very interesting discussion
about this, and it's my hope that they will continue on the subject of force
long enough for me to become further illuminated.

        Thanks for listening, and a big "Ciao!" to all you bambinas and