The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

IVy to the rescue
by Phil Spickler
14 Nov 1999

     Well, for gosh sakes!  I was deep-diving off the coast of California
recently, in search of buried treasure, and wouldn't you know, there I was
down around 125 feet and having a certain amount of difficulty with my
buoyancy compensator.  The thought occurred to me "Don't panic -- help must
be on the way."   Moments after that I saw about 300 lbs. of grouper coming
in my immediate direction, and my next thought was, "I hope it doesn't try to
swallow me."  Well, that big fish came right up close to me and opened its
enormous mouth very wide, as if it were going to try to make lunch of my life
form, but instead I looked inside its mouth, and believe it or not, there was
IVy 44.  And Sehlene, being ever-thoughtful, had packaged my copy in an
extremely buoyant rubberized hermetically sealed capsule, and it provided me
with just enough lift to gradiently make my way back to the surface, where I
quickly got ahold of my laptop computer and started writing these paranormal
events as another example of the extraordinary value of IVy, the magazine,
and the wonderful people who see to it that it's published and printed and
delivered to the likes of me.  And I might add that this is not the first
time that IVy's information, or the physical body of the magazine itself, has
indeed saved my life.

      I think it was a super-fine edition of IVy, and enjoyed very much all
of those who contributed to it.  I was particularly taken by a voice from the
past that still speaks loudly and clearly in the present moment, namely that
great soul known as Jack Horner.

     I first had the pleasure of meeting Jack back in 1957, when he and I
and certain other unlucky folks voluntarily agreed to be experimental
subjects (guinea pigs, if you will) for L. Ron Hubbard on the legendary
course known as the 18th ACC, or Advanced Clinical Course.  That was the CCH
ACC, and the word "bloodbath" to describe the way the CCHs were being run was
no exaggeration.  Those of us that survived this course, had it been in this
day and age, would have worn T-shirts that said things like "I Survived the
18th ACC," or "They Tried to Kill Me, But Failed," or "I AM a Masochist --
18th ACC Graduate."

     In any event, after a few days on this nightmare, Jack, genius that he
was, who could easily spot when Ron was off his rocker, took his leave of the
course, not to return.  His courage and intelligence in doing that proved
then and later to have been an act based on wisdom.

      He and another great of Scientology's past, namely Wing Angel, had a
thriving practice in the Chicago area.  They also had the right to train
their public to the level of HCA, something Hubbard granted to very few
people (such as Evans Farber and his father Doc Farber), and in their lives
and work they truly exemplified the notion of making the able more able.

      As mentioned in Jack's article in IVy 44, he was the author of a book,
_Summary of Scientology_, which was undoubtedly one of the best introductory
books on the subject ever published, and it was extremely readable and
extremely popular.  Jack, as you can also see from this article, was a very
feisty and courageous person who truly "bearded the lion in his own den" when
he took it upon himself to open up shop in Los Angeles around 1970 with the
help of John McMaster, using the word "Dianology" as a name for his group,
which angered the old redhead to the degree that he sent his primary hitman,
Otto Roos, to at least make an effort to fully assassinate Jack's character
and any work that he might have been doing.

        (I still hope, when I say my prayers at night, that someday Otto
Roos will patch in some Scientology history by writing an article called "I
Was a Hitman for L. Ron Hubbard.")

     But anyway, back to the great Jack Horner, who in this particular
article pointed out something that yours truly found fascinating regarding
GPMs, namely, that a goal is formed or postulated as a solution.  That simple
idea says more about GPMs than practically anything I've ever heard or
thought of, and makes it possible to see that there was something going on
prior to the formation of the goal that led to someone creating it or making
it their own, namely the prior problem.  Having that in view, anyone
discovering a goal could be asked to look at what was happening to them
before they decided to put a goal there to solve it, which would give the key
then to the formulation of that postulate.  They could even go one step
further, if they really wanted to extrovert from whatever identity they might
have had prior to the formation of the goal, by simply finding out "who" that
was.  And just as finding the postulate of an engram chain blows the chain,
not requiring that you run all the incidents stemming from that postulate,
that piece of tech that Jack the genius drops so casually would make the
item-by-item running of a GPM unnecessary.

       As you can tell, this piece of information, and Jack Horner's article
in general, were met with great approval at this end, and it's nice to know
that this warrior lives on, and that his words and thoughts are quite
immortal when Ant breathes his mighty flame of life into them.

      I'd also like to thank Ralph Pearcy for his very fine poem entitled
"Nine Lives," which reminds me that anyone that's really interested in
holographic projections should spend time with a cat -- those of us that do
spend time with cats know that their ability to project 3-D stereophonic
projections into the minds of others is far in advance of most other OTs, and
that it is not by accident that other and wiser cultures worshipped our
feline friends as gods and goddesses.

      I hope in some future time to say more about the mighty cat, the
subject of intention, and holographic projection, but enough for now.  I'll
just close with thanks to all those who helped create IVy 44 and get it out
into the world.

      As ever,