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Greetings to all those present!
  Sometimes late at night, after a long day mostly spent deleting spam from
the e-mail portion of existence, I like to think how wonderful it is that
such a small number of subscribers to IVy post to the e-mail list. Just
imagine if one received 70 or 80 e-mails every day from subscribers wishing
to have their voices heard on this lovely list! I thank gods and goddesses
every day that this condition does not prevail. Having 5 or 7 people write
is aplenty, and seems to provide adequate entertainment for both the silent
majority and the vociferous minority, in which I count myself (or should I
say selves).

  L. Ron Hubbard: one of my all-time favorite people that I was privileged
to meet and know in the flesh, first starting in January of 1957. In 1956 I
had been living and working in Tucson, Arizona, USA, and ran into some people
that did know LRH very well who had stayed in Arizona after Ron and most of
the staff in Phoenix had moved to Washington, D.C. I managed to get a pretty
good dose of Scientology as well as a feeling for Ron that found me very
eager to go to Washington, D.C. and work with and for the Old Man and get a
bunch of training and processing whilst there.

  Well, sometime in December of 1956, I hopped a transcontinental bus with
a big greyhound printed on its side and started the 2200 mile journey to
Washington, D.C. Well, along the way, an older lady had a mental breakdown
or breakup and decided that the bus driver was taking us south to Mexico, and
she proceeded to start up the aisle of the bus as we were barrelling along on
the highway at about 70 MPH with the intent of hitting the bus driver over
the head with a rather vicious-looking cane she had in her hands. Well, I
was sitting up there near the bus driver and decided we were all dead if she
managed to club him, so in a fairly gentle fashion I tackled her and with the
help of a few more passengers restrained her until we pulled into a fairly
large town, where a police ambulance took her off for probably a much-needed
rest and some competent or incompetent observation to see what her trouble
might be.

  I was waiting in a bus terminal in St. Louis, Missouri for the next
portion of the trip to Washington, D.C. when an older black man walking in my
vicinity keeled over and died on the spot. At that time I was kind of tired
and somewhat introverted from the long unbroken hours on the bus, and I
started wondering to what degree I might be responsible for these
occurrences, and thought I'd better get to Scientology, the Church of, In
Washington, D.C., and Ron, more quickly than the bus was taking me, so I
caught a shuttle to the St. Louis Airport and a few hours later we landed
safely in Washington, D.C. without any further incident.

  To conclude this memoir, which is part of a much larger vehicle of
commentary that is soon to follow, I'd just like to say that about a year or
so later, in an auditors' conference, Ron pointed out something which was
pretty basic to both Dianetics and Scientology, namely that if you can
somehow find out what theta or thetans are doing automatically,
unconsciously, obsessively, reactively, and get the pc (preclear) in session
to undertake whatever these are and do them consciously, causatively and on
purpose, then something like erasure and/or the cessation of these
automaticities will occur and clearing will take place.

  Theta or thetans have had eons to put all sorts of things on automatic,
to make all sorts of things unconscious, etc. etc., up to and including the
co-creation of that which might be called "Life" or existence, not to speak
of all the copies of life and existence, facsimiles if you will, that can
come together to form rather large amounts of reactive mind. But since theta
or thetans want to do other things than having to consciously keep so many
things going, so many things mocked up, as you can see, both visibly and
invisibly, a lot of what theta or thetans do is the manufacturing of machines
or machinery, all intended to free us up to do other things.

  Well anyway, Ron, as part of that auditors' conference, gave us quite a
talk on three things that thetans do unconsciously, automatically, and
obsessively. These were: keeping it from going away, holding it still, and
making it a little more solid; and when those things are taken off automatic,
you will have a very clear Clear. And by golly, that proved in 1958 to be 99
and 44/110% true.

  And anyone knowing how to use those buttons as part of the 1958 Clear
Procedure can still easily and routinely produce a Clear, which I think is
pretty nice to know, and I shall talk about that type of clearing further.

  But enough for now! Thanks to Ant for keeping the IVy list mocked up,
even when I'm absent from it, and keeping it from going away, occasionally
holding it still, and making sure it's solid enough so it's findable -- thank
you Ant!

  And good night, one and all,
  As ever,

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