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Regarding sex, interstellar and otherwise
by Phil Spickler
3 Nov 00

        I've just finished reading Heidrun Beer's very interesting article
entitled "Sex and Interstellar Politics."  We've come to expect interesting
and evocative postings from Heidrun, and this latest one is no exception.
Much food for thought, very well presented.

        It is not necessary to accept or reject the premise that Heidrun
states, namely, that aliens created the form of our physical Earth bodies and
built them so that group consciousness was impossible to achieve, to arrive
at the idea that a lot of the happenings in the known history of this planet
suggest that there are things that prevent mankind (4th dynamic) as a whole
from feeling the sense of that dynamic and the possibiities that such a
consciousness might engender.

       Whether this is the result of genetic or spiritual engineering to
inhibit such a consciousness has received quite a bit of speculation by other
and earlier thinkers.  Freud, for example, in his tidy little book entitled
_Civilization and Its Discontents_, asked the question repeatedly as to why
humankind in designing civilization has put in it so many things that
frustrate, inhibit, deny and prevent our natural feelings and longings from
having an easy expression.

       Later, we find Ron wondering why, in the opinion of some folks, Earth
has been such a madhouse for so long (this was before he decided to turn up
the rheostat on madness), and from these speculations evolving ultimately
such things as the materials known as OT 3 in an effort to restore to mankind
the missing but highly desirable sense of group consciousness, 4th dynamic,
7th dynamic, etc.

       Heidrun points out that the ability and the willingness to touch
others, having been narrowed down to the limitations of the fantasy described
as monogamy, has denied us a very basic possibility regarding this sense of
group consciousness, co-creation,etc.  I think the design of our societies
and civilizations and their strange religions and considerations certainly
have a lot to do with this final monogamous notion, but one would have to
look quite a bit earlier (although the postulates surround us in present
time) to find the actual author or authors that have resulted in such strange

      On the other hand, it might be necessary to know a lot more about Earth
and its inhabitants and its place in interstellar society to get a firmer
grasp on what has brought about this twisted and tortured creature which
laughably has named itself "Homo sapiens."  I have wondered, from at least
1950, how mankind got off, in terms of scientific classifications, with the
notation "Homo sapiens," since I believe that literally translates into "wise
man."  I think there would be some far better phylogenetic naming
possibilities for mankind than "Homo sapiens."  Possibly by definitions of
intelligence it should be "Homo intelligens" or something like that, but
certainly not anything connected with "wise," since "wise" or "wisdom" is not
necessarily a function connected with intelligence.

        I prefer, in my delusionary capacities, when referring to humankind,
to be very kindly and call the species PRE-Homo sapiens, with the hope that
someday "Homo sapiens" will truly be descriptive of said species.  Let's face
it, stupidity and arrogance have never been in short supply on this
planet,and I certainly possess my fair share of these sterling qualities.

      Oh yes -- where we we now?  So, whether it's implants or genetic
engineering by some bad aliens, we can still find Heidrun in very simple and
clear language pointing out the fact that most of the human race, as once
described by L. Ron Hubbard, can be found on some scale or another (sounds
fishy) at the level of inhibited or repressed sex.  Certain anthropological
studies of fairly small groups that have developed outside the range of
Judeo-Christian teachings, and who have not been inspired to unceasing
technological advancement in gadget-ridden parts of the world, have
described them in such a way as to suggest that the things Heidrun is talking
about have actually existed for a period of time, and that these cultures
existed and were designed in such a way so as not to inhibit the flows of
affinity, and had very low levels of crime, insanity, and all the other
noxious possibilities that our higher and higher so-called evolved
civilizations are producing.

       I'll close by once again thanking Heidrun for tackling a subject that
gets practically no attention or mention, even here in the hallowed halls of
the IVy league.  Thank you, and so long for now!