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Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 02:02:45 EST
Subject: IVySubs: Real or imagined: history, cosmic and otherwise

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Good New Year to my fellow listers!

   Having taken vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, and -- oops! -- well
anyway, having made certain resolutions, which I plan to disavow at the
earliest opportunity, I begin this evening's travail with the earnest hope
that the smallest degree of offense will be taken at what follows.

   As a rather poor but persistent student of what passes for history and
the history of history, which in some bookstores and libraries is called
historiography, I have more than my share of considerations, postulates, and
opinions about that which allegedly has gone before.  When I want to become
very calm and not agitated on the subject of history and historians, I take
myself to England, where I can find much material evidence still persisting
that gives weight to the account of what happened in the year 1066, when
William of Normandy crossed that which came to be called the English Channel
and did, as a result of his invasion, become King of England; which was a sad
day indeed for the former Saxons of Saxony.

   Anyway, it's even possible, if you like history and its visible
artifacts, to find evidence beyond writing that Rome and its far-flung
legions also had its way once upon a time, many years before 1066, with that
exceptional island and its peoples.

   This, as previously mentioned, has a calming effect upon my spirit, or
spirits, if you will, and it is from that calmness that I consider other
histories and the historians that have writ them, and what they based this
history upon.

   One of the things that I've always loved about Dianetics in its original
untarnished form was that it allowed each individual person to become an
historian of self, if you will, and to discover and experience their own
history with great flashes of understanding as it came to light, great
answers and explanations for so many things, with marvelous improvement in
the life and livingness of such a person.

   And so, one of the really grand things about Dianetics, unlike some of
the more evaluative sciences of the mind that preceded it, was that it
provided an opportunity for each individual to travel on their own personal
sea of discovery and enjoy the great benefits that come from such courageous
intro- and extro-spection.

   Yes, here we had a preclear, and in theory the preclear had a reactive
mind that contained locks, secondaries, and engrams, and the preclear also
had, or was, an analytical mind, a rational mind, and there was also
something called the somatic mind that contained the physical and mental
history of the preclear.  And then there was a function present in all of
this called the file clerk.  Now of course these were all just names for
observable aspects or parts of the human psyche; there really wasn't a little
man with a green eyeshade parked somewhere inside the preclear's head called
the File Clerk who would, when addressed, walk over to a bunch of green or
grey metal filing cabinets and under the heading of "Catching Catfish," pull
open a drawer and display for the preclear's historical, sometimes
hysterical, inspection, the history of catching catfish, which might contain,
for both the preclear and the poor catfish, moments of pain and/or
unconsciousness or loss or other forms of disturbance that might be causing
the preclear to have all sorts of strange problems with fisn.  And if the
file clerk did a good job of presenting the information necessary to resolve
the preclear's case on the subject of fish and fishing, etc. etc., that area,
with mental, physical, and/or psychosomatic difficulties, could be cleared
very nicely, resulting in a person with a conscious and analytical history
that would make possible rational efforts and emotions in and around said

   So that's the way Dianetics worked, and the last thing in the world that
a Dianetic auditor would do -- well, not even the last  thing, it was
absolutely forbidden -- would be to tell the preclear what his history or any
part of it consisted of.  You didn't sit down and say, "Now, Mr. X" (that's
the pc), "we all know that everyone was born, and therefore everyone has a
birth engram, and today we're going to run your birth engram, because then
you'll become free of whatever effects that engram is having on your life."  
Sure, just about everybody who has a human physical body may be said to have
a birth engram, but you would never, never, never tell the pc that and direct
him or her to re-experience that in Dianetics.  No, if you didn't muck around
and evaluate that way for the pc, but simply let the natural and
extraordinary functions of the human mind, under the name of file clerk and
somatic strip, do their job of clearing, without any enforcement and without
any evaluation, but simply permitting the sequence of material that would be
absolutely proper and in-gradient for that pc to confront to take place, you
would then have a happy, winning, pc, who was gradually becoming
(re-becoming, I should say), their own control center, their own source of
consideration, evaluation, and conclusion, and their own discoverer of their
own life as a history book, which you simply helped them to open and read

   Well, it was very discouraging, as time and a half went by, to find that
L. Ron Hubbard, who first propagated these marvelous notions of how to clear
and restore a human being to their own native powers, to find that as years
went by, Mr. Hubbard more and more started telling people what was in their
minds and their history, and then selling, at some expense, the story to
them.  This counters, goes against, all the previous and best expectations
for the person as being the important discoverer of what's in their mind or
minds and Dianetics and/or Scientology simply the vehicle to assist them to
that discovery, but not to tell them what had already been discovered by Mr.
Hubbard, and all they have to do is "audit" it.

   Thus arose this business, underline business, of the tech-finder who
breaks ground that we poor underbrained souls would never have the courage or
the strength or the insight to cover, and having done so, at great personal
risk, now, at great personal  profit, offers these jewels of exploration to
our starving minds and souls.  Hogwash, says I!  Hogwash!! The real job of a
tech finder is to find tech that helps us  on our personal road of
discovery........not to do the discovery for us and then sell it to us.  That
is simply a shortcut to turning people into slaves of another person's mind,
and in Dianetics days was considered the worst of harmful tools of the
hypnotist and others who sought to gain control and ascendancy over others.  
Here we are, having escaped the knows-best and knows-what's-good-for-us of
our parents and our teachers, only to eventually find, in the form of Mr.
Hubbard, our new parent, who's already been there and done it and experienced
it and now wishes to save us the difficulties of having to learn for
ourselves.  Beware, beware!! That's the way back in.

   But anyhow and howsomever, when it comes to history, it is possible to
look at a person, to look at a group, to look at a dynamic, to look at the
world, and if you take the time to see it as it is, it is possible, and with
practice you'll get better at this, to see the earlier postulates and
experiences that are now acting on and shaping the present moment.  If you
get to be a pretty good auditor, you can know a great deal about your pc --
not information that you would use to tell the pc how he or she got to be
that way, but just to help you to be able to duplicate that person as their
history unfolds.

   Now Mr. Hubbard, who was very, very good at this, around year 1967, took
a look at the world, the behavior of nations, the behavior of smaller groups,
the behavior of individuals, the condition of the world in general, and
thought up or imagined or whatever sort of an answer to the listing question,
"What would have had to have happened that humankind is not aware of that
would be unconsciously or subconsciously and reactively shaping world
history?"  And as any good Dianeticist would, he knew in advance there must
be a chain of incidents or engrams that might involve a world or worlds, and
so he eventually, real or imagined, found/invented/discovered, whatever, some
big heavy-duty experiences that had dates going way back in what we shall
call solar system or even galactic time, and as previously mentioned either
discovered or constructed incidents that would in some large sense explain
human behavior on Planet Earth at this time.    

   And the legend goes that Mr. Hubbard almost lost his life doing this
research, but emerged from it bloodied and unbowed, but alive, once again a
great explorer who had dared the impossible and survived it, and would now
market this information under a great veil of secrecy and for a large price
to the loyal and faithful of Scientology and Dianetics, with the promise that
this was what was wrong with you and the rest of the people of this world,
and it would be a giant step towards Operating Thetan if you mastered this
material, and that everybody in this sector, whether they knew it or not, was
under the pale, unconsciously, of these terrible events in the distant past.

   This was called OT 3, and you were to move whatever pieces of heaven and
earth you needed to get to this section, and there all these great historical
answers would become clear to you.

   Well, even if the information which came to be called OT 3 was absolutely
true for Mr. Hubbard, it still violates the most basic premise of auditing to
claim that everybody has these engrams or incidents and that they must direct
their attention to them.  That is one of the most flagrant evaluations
imaginable, and counter, absolutely 100% counter, to the highest hopes of
Dianetic auditing and clearing.  And as some of you may know, anybody that
didn't find this to be exactly as Mr. Hubbard stated it would be was in for
years of trouble, if not worse.

   So the idea of saying, "My engrams are your engrams" is, in Dianetic
parlance, in very poor taste, and is in no way necessarily true.  So a lot of
people got pretty badly bollixed up with OT 3, and from '67 until the advent
of NOTs in 1979-'80, might find, whenever they were feeling screwy, that they
were once again addressing the subject matter of OT 3 -- poor folks!

   Anyway, that's the kind of history and historians that I think I don't
care for, and I would certainly warn off others.  If Mr. Hubbard had gone
ahead and said, "Folks, I've been looking at the world and trying to figure
out what sort of historical track its peoples or humanity may have
experienced to produce the sort of world and humanity that we have, and I've
come up with a bunch of possibilities, and I'd like to tell you the story as
it might be -- it's not for certain -- but for those of you who are
interested in the 4th dynamic and the 7th dynamic in the way that folks in
1950 were interested in the 1st dynamic, I'd like you to let me know what
you've come across, and perhaps we might have some basis for mapping the
track or various tracks that have resulted in what we call humankind today."  
That would have kept the Dianetic model of allowing folks to travel their own
sea of discovery intact.

   So, since Mr. Hubbard, there are others who have come along and provided
various histories.  There has been Alan C. Walter and his story of 27
universes; there is Ken Ogger, AKA Pilot, and his cosmic history; and if I
were to pick a bone with any of these worthies, I would just say that in
preface to their histories they should start out by saying, "What you are
about to read may be purely fanciful, and although there may be some truth,
or a lot of truth, in it for me, I would not have you believe for a minute
that it necessarily has to do with you, your life, your history, your track,
whatever.  You might enjoy reading my history, but please do not let it
become your history or discourage you from finding out what that might be."

   I like the idea of each person taking a look at the world and life,
people, humankind, and finding out for themselves what might have gone
before.  Now it's easy to go over to England or Egypt and see what remains of
what has gone before, but when you start talking about things that if we put
time to them may have taken place godillions of earth-years ago, your voyage
through time to where that may be isn't filled with stone pyramids or henges
-- it's very subjective, very ethereal, and can be extremely insubstantial.  
However, if you strongly wish to attempt to understand Earth and what's going
on and has gone on, you may wish to embark on this voyage of discovery and
have yourself a marvelous Dianetic-like adventure.  And I'll be happy to send
you a certificate as Galactic, or Universe, Historian Outright.

   Hoping to hear from anyone,  I remain............  :)

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