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Happy trails to you -- GPMs continued
by Phil Spickler
18 Aug 99

Hello, all --
     My "goal" (just kidding) is to cover the little information that I know
about the "tech" of this period, roughly the early part of the 1960's, in
which Hubbard took up the subject of goals and the things that arise to
oppose them, and carried it through a very interesting period having to do
with implanted goals which had been mapped through research, and finally
landed at the notion that a being in the long or whole-track view of
existence had goals that were personal to that being, and that their
discovery and the subsequent GPM that had emanated from such a goal and its
opposition would yield a whole Goals Problems Mass, starting from the bottom
terminal and its opposing terminal (this being the earliest in time), and
going through a long period of time and permutation over a period of perhaps
many, many lifetimes, finally landing that being in the position of fully
opposing the goal that said being had started out with.

      The charge to be found in one of these GPMs was considered to be
enormous, and extremely aberrating, and the result of handling such a
humongous mess would result in giant steps toward the coveted state of
Operating Thetan, with levels of perception, understanding, and ability
heretofore unknown.  Sounds great, doesn't it?

      It's easy to see, in just the simple definition of what is a problem,
what opposing forces can create -- and now I'm referring to just an ordinary,
everyday, garden-variety problem, like you want to go to the movies and your
favorite squeeze wants to go dancing.  It's possible to build up quite a row
over that simple example of opposing forces.  But when you bring into
opposition giant powerful beings, with very strong intentions to achieve
their goals, the mass that is generated by these forces being held in
continuous opposition could be enormous.

      So we could theorize that beings in their early history, before they
went through a lot of GPMs, were pretty big and pretty tough, godlike if you
will, and when they decided on a purpose, watch out, universes!  And of
course the game called Existence, the two poles in opposition if you will, is
brought about by the opposing sources, and what follows is a lot of time and
a lot of existence and a lot of game.  Let me remind you, although it's been
previously mentioned, that the reason a goal must find its opposite is that
without opposition, it would be achieved instantly, and that's just not any
fun or existence.

    It's interesting to note, and Ron made no bones about this, that this
notion is certainly not new, and as recently as the last four or five
thousand years, both in the Hindu scriptures, Taoism, and Buddhism, a great
amount of information is given about how the great pairs of opposites arise
together, thus creating existence, and that "you can't have one without the
other" -- so goes the slogan.

       Naturally, our best-kept secret is the source from which these pairs
of opposites arise: no mass, no motion, no wavelength, etc. etc. etc.
Anyhow, Ron being quite an adventurer, he figured let's shoot the moon and
see about auditing folks as far back and as close to the spiritual "big bang"
as we could possibly get, when the forces both spiritual and physical were at
their primary greatest.

       And thus it is possible, with GPM technology, to run GPMs by chains
in the same way that you have heard of running engrams by chains, with the
possibility of there being a basic-basic or first engram or first GPM.  Looks
promising, eh what?  And the potentials for reawakening and recovering the
abilities as you approach basic could yield someone whose output, compared to
a regular human being's, would be like a thermonuclear device compared to a
single match in terms of BTU's of energy.

      Had this proven to be successful, it is doubtful that Earth in its
present form would exist, should such Titans have decided to play in its
immediate vicinity.  On the other hand, some folks did become impossibly
clear in passing; but far more important, could definitely create effects
felt 'round the world if they wanted to.  Not necessarily good effects, from
the view of weaker people, but effects, neither good nor bad, except by
opinion -- simply effects felt 'round the world

      In my opinion, and I should like to say in my experience, which did
not get sorted out for some time after my St. Hill experience, the primary
difficulty that created so many casualties of this epoch, including Ron
himself at different times, was the attempting to manage this whole business
from the standpoint that the guy you were working with was absolutely,
incontrovertibly, and once and for all a discrete single-unit being, and that
all of his case, all of his GPMs, all of his engrams, etc. etc. etc. were all
his and nobody else's.

      Well of course, if all this stuff does belong to one single-unit
being, it should be a cinch to fix it, because he owns it all and his simple
view of it will as-is all or any part of it as encountered.  On the other
hand, by hewing to this single-unit notion, it became very difficult, nay
almost impossible, to easily navigate through the complexities encountered in
GPM running (processing).  But  back in the early '50's the book _History of
Man, or, What to Audit_ made a darn good case for the idea that Joe Doakes
was not a single-unit being, but that grouped under that name were all kinds
of things that were being all kinds of things, ranging from (in some cases)
very big thetans to itty bitty bitty ones,  and everything else in the
universe that you could imagine, all grouped together and misowned under the
high-level abstraction here on Earth called Joe Doakes: in other words, a
composite.   And that cute little innocent gal tripping down the street with
a daisy in her hat was really the disguise of an excellent playing piece that
contained much more invisible stuff than was visible.

     At that time it was felt there was a senior soul or big being, more
conscious and more responsible than anyone else in the composite, that would
be treated as the pc, and that all you had to do was get this guy clear of
that enormous grouper, that enormous confusion, exterior to it if you will,
and if at that point he had any real case, it would vanish in a twinkling
because it really was HIS case.  And what would become of all that mass
confusion and gunked-up clustered-up mess that he had been inhabiting?  Well,
you could just decide to do anything you wanted with it --Have, Let Remain,
or Dispense With.  But he wasn't going to spend the next 10,000 or more hours
auditing away at it, with great difficulty, as though it was his own and only
true created case.

     Thus Theta Clear and Theta Cleared Thetan could be a reality.  As you
may have guessed by now, my point is, in GPM running, which is all about
goals and the identities that are formed through goals and opposition,
throughout this whole period the question never got asked, that wonderful old
Straightwire question, the one that helps you find correct ownership or
source of something, namely, "Whose goal is that?"  "Whose opposing goal is

     This alone, in my opinion, could have brought some of us through this
area of living lightning with something approaching a good result; but I
would venture to say that it would not be difficult to find good E-meter
reads on any former St. Hiller due to the existence of still-misowned and
mishandled masses.  I hope I'm wrong.

     On a lighter note, some of the fun, easily-beneficial awarenesses
possible from just knowing about GPM tech can help you to understand what's
going on with opposing groups and individuals right here and now on Earth,
and why some people are "comme-ci, comme-ca" as a personality about most
things -- these are folks who are generally sitting at the crossover point in
some GPM -- and why some folks and groups seem to be so fanatical about a
given purpose.  One can also tell by the things in one's life that one seems
to be up against, which may often be understood and resolved with this
technology.  This of course does not apply to Phil Spickler and Allen Hacker.

     I've gone on far longer than I -- well, that's a lie, I've gone on as
long as I intended to, so I'm going to end off with just a little bit more,
to the strains of "Happy Trails to You" (that's a ballad of the Old West here
in the good ol' US of A),  and promise in another posting to cover how you
could use a knowledge of entity handling to make it safely possible to
actually handle GPMs.

    And finally, in connection with the 50-year GPM constructed by Ron and
his Church, wherein the Church now sits in the top opposing terminal, I
should like to say the following.  Might I suggest that the United Free Zone
Fellowship, the marvelous universe that Joe Harrington has created and
incorporated in the United States and perhaps other countries, which contains
and enlarges upon many of the stated ideals in Scientology, could be
considered the perfect top terminal standing opposed to the Church of
Scientology, now firmly established as the top opposing terminal, which is to
say the entity that now opposes all those wonderful ideals.

     I hope that Joe and I have a lot to say about this notion, and that we
continue to remain friends throughout.  Thanking you in advance for your kind
attention, I remain, sincerely yours,   Someone called Phil