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From: PJSpickler
Subj: IVy-subs: Half-truths and some downright lies
Date: 10 May 2003

Well, hello --
   I've just returned from a short period of taking as much meaning out of
life, out of existence, out of everything I could possibly perceive, as a
vacation and relief from the gigantic burden of so much meaningfulness.  I
feel quite refreshed, and even have a slight urge to put some meaning into
some things.  For example, one of the long-term concerns that has been part
of my life as a Scientologist has been how to deal with some people, some
certain people, who have done everything they could possibly do, in terms of
all the auditing and training offerred by Scientology organizations and their
offshoots, and yet still find something that they wish to attain or achieve
and have not been able to.

   It may even be something that they  have sought to achieve before
Scientology, and they have continued their quest after Scientology, but all
to no avail.  I find this a fascinating, interesting topic, and I first
became aware of it in talking to one or two Scientologists in 1957, who had
come from the English organization in London to go on staff at the
organization in Washington, D.C., where L. Ron Hubbard was in residence.

   Anyhow, the husband of one of the people had become notorious in the
London organization for having what seemed to be an uncrackable case, meaning
a case in which everyone had tried everything they could think of to bring
about something called "case gain," which in spite of those words means not
more case but less case with the preclear or person feeling very happy about
the result of auditing.  Anyway, Ron finally thought up just the thing to
crack that case, and had the pc run on the following process: "Invent a
reactive mind or case upon which nothing could have any effect."

   And indeed, some hours of inventing such a case or cases finally raised
this guy's havingness of impossible-to-crack cases to the point where he was
truly able to let go of the uncrackable case that he had so successfully kept
from going away.  This was LRH at his best in finding something that would
parallel the mind so closely that as-is-ness or vanishment could occur.

   Well, making the huge jump from 1957 to the year 2003, one of the
possibilities for helping someone who is still trying to attain a result that
has continued over many years and many efforts once again to no avail could
go something like this: as a havingness process, have the person invent an
identity, a valence, or a personality that could not achieve or attain the
desired result.  That process alone could very possibly do the job;  but
here's another possibilities; and this is another havingness process that
possibly could be alternated with the first one, which is: have the person
invent an identity or beingness that could achieve the desired result.

   Now it's quite possible that these two processes, one or both, would or
could take care of the difficulty by giving the person a chance to see --
well, I don't want to say any more about that, because that would be
revealing the cognition.

   There is quite a shortcut to all of this that depends on the condition of
the havingness of the person you're working with, and should only be
attempted if their havingness of beingness or identity is quite good, and it
would go something like this: directly find, locate, the beingness, the
personality, the valence, the thetan, the group of thetans, the soul or
souls, that have their heart(s) set on a certain attainment or achievement,
very much on a "must-have, must-achieve, must-attain" basis in order to
consider that the -ism or -ology or religion or philosophy that they're
working in really works, and to feel that they have gotten what they wanted
from it.  If this step is successful, you would then handle that beingness or
identity in such a way that it went from whatever it was being to free,
undefined theta, accompanied by a giant burst of joyous havingness as its
long-term craving and difficulty blew into nothingness.

   Well, that's all for tonight.  Please to remember that the thoughts, the
words, in this posting may have meaning, or may be entirely meaningless.  I
mean, I meant well, but who knows . . . .