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Dear Someone,
  The response to my recent postings, both on- and off-list, has been most
gratifying indeed, and has emboldened me to say a few more words on the
subject -- a few thousand, that is.

  As was mentioned in passing in a previous post, back in the mid-1950's
there came a process from the mind and pen of L. Ron Hubbard which had one
fairly simple command, which someone called an auditor would deliver to
someone called a preclear, and after getting each answer and acknowledging
it, the auditor would deliver the next command and so on and so forth, until
the preclear was clear. The command was, "Invent a game," which back in
those days was billed as a one-shot clearing process.. And by gosh, some
people actually achieved the state doing just that command.

  Someone might justifiably ask, "Well, just how in the world would that be
possible? The preclear isn't running any engrams or any of the things up to
that point and afterwards that were billed as clearing procedures." Well,
that's a very good question, and having given it a certain amount of thought
I feel prepared and possibly even qualified to answer said question.

  It was customary back in those days amongst those who audited well to
make sure that the preclear truly understood the question or command that was
being given, and if the command "Invent a game" was to get very far, you'd
have to make really sure that the preclear understood the word "invent." A
dictionary can be quite handy in these matters, and most importantly,
perhaps, the preclear must understand the word "game." Since most people at
some point in their lives have consciously engaged from childhood on in the
playing of one or more games, this experience is invaluable in helping a
person to locate all the different elements and things that must come
together in order for a game to be played. We want the preclear to discover
the full meaning of this word, and not just feed him or her a canned

  And so the auditor must be adept and patient, perhaps occasionally using
a little bit or prompting, but whatever it takes so that the chap eventually
and mostly on his own comes to realize all the different elements that
constitute a game. By the time you've taken someone to that point, you may
have already been required to take time out for the person to enjoy some of
the cognitions, small and large, that will come their way as they analyze
what a game is for their own understanding.

  Well, assuming that the person hasn't gone clear fully defining the word
"game," you can now start the process. As an aside, if you've ever run
"Invent"-type processes on a preclear, you may have noticed that sometimes
instead of inventing or truly creating or bringing into existence something
that didn't exist before, the preclear will instead recall or remember,
rather than invent. And that should simply be handled as an origination
whilst further clearing or encouraging the person to truly invent something.

  Sometimes the preclear gets stumped, since you're asking him to
consciously do something that he or she has done a lot of but either
unknowingly or automatically, without realizing that invention has been
occurring. But eventually when the guy realizes that he can truly invent or
create or bring into being something that did not exist before, he really
starts to get the idea that he is truly a source, a point of origin,
something from which anything and everything can emanate.

  Now THAT cognition in itself, and depending on the circumstances in which
it occurs, can alone produce a rather clear-like person. This little verbal
exercise that we're currently engaging in has led us right onto Axiom 1 of
Scientology, which tells us that Life is basically a Static, which has no
mass, no motion, no wavelength and no location in space or in time, but it,
the Static, has the ability to postulate and perceive. Well, guess what
happens to an individual when they discover that they have the ability to
postulate, which is to say, bring into existence something, and the ability
to perceive that which they have brought into existence.

  Well, at the risk of giving everything away, (and why not?), since the
Static is the creator of the game called Life, (he said, speaking logically
in the framework of the Scientology Axioms), guess what happens to somebody
when you start giving them the opportunity to consciously invent a game, and
they have the opportunity through repetitive commands to get better and
better at inventing a game. Well, modesty forbids me from saying any more
about what might happen, but I'm sure if you've followed this litany to this
point you won't have any trouble seeing how someone could become clear.

  One of the other procedures that was part of Scientology processing
historically is part of some of the amazing list of questions and commands
that flowed from the pen of L. Ron Hubbard that folks like thee and me could
feed to other folks and watch the most amazing fireworks display take place.
Possibly one of the most amazing of all process commands or questions ever
was the final step of a procedure that was aimed at taking a preclear through
a series of gradient levels of awareness until their level of havingness and
their level of responsibility and their level of knowledge was so high that
you could dare to request them to view Ultimate Truth. I've always been a
pretty curious person, and I assume that anyone foolish enough to read this
far is probably pretty curious also, and since the command I'm going to
mention has never been a secret and to the best of my knowledge (which isn't
saying much) has never caused any lasting harm to anyone, here it is:
"Conceive a Static."

  Well, it's a good idea to know what the word "conceive" means, and along
the way, if you're lucky, the word "Static" might relate to something that is
conceivable. I shall not bandy words or try to tell you what should be the
result of regaining the ability to conceive a static, but suffice it to say,
to the degree that Mr. Hubbard's axioms are more than just words on paper,
and since axiomatically speaking Ultimate Truth is Static, as defined in one
of the Scientology Axioms, well, there you are, conceiving Ultimate Truth.
Good luck -- I don't think you can package it or bottle it, there's no
telling what you can or can't do with it, it's certain to be beyond the

  Having considered these matters in order, with some great assistance from
another, to write these words, if there's anyone or anything out there at
this time, bon soir --

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